7 Music Festival Fashions to Rock This Summer ...


Music festival season is one of the greatest seasons of the year.

I mean, it’s essentially just the summertime in general, but hear me out.

No matter what your usual style is, your style instantly becomes boho chic when you go to a summer music festival.

If you’re going to a summer music festival this year but don’t know where to start when it comes to your outfit, follow these tips.2

They’re sure to get you ready to go to your next summer music festival in no time at all!

1. A Floppy Hat

A Floppy Hat

Floppy hats are already a huge trend this summer, but at music festivals, they’re almost a necessity.

Not only are they super cute, but they’ll also help shield your skin from the harsh sun when you’re spending all day outside.

Floppy hats are so chic and in style this summer, and it’s not just because they’ll guard your skin from the sun.

2. Patterned Shorts

Patterned Shorts

It can get hot at summer music festivals.

Not only is the weather probably very warm, but you’re also in close quarters with just about everyone at the music festival.

Jean shorts can become tight and sticky when you’re outside all day.

Instead, try a pair of loose fitting patterned shorts.

They’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day, and the airiness will help you keep cool.

On top of all of that, they’re so stylish and on trend this summer!

3. Crop Tops

Crop Tops

If you’re not wearing a crop top at a summer music festival, are you really even at the summer music festival?

Crop tops are a basic necessity to any girl attending a summer music festival, so make sure you incorporate one into your outfit for your next music festival!

4. A Big Pair of Sunglasses

A Big Pair of Sunglasses

Did you know that your eyes could get sunburnt just like your skin?

It’s something that a lot of people don’t know, but especially when you’re spending multiple hours in the sun (or maybe even multiple days), proper eyewear is more important than ever.

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