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Steal Nina Dobrevs Stunning Style ...

By Teresa

Whether you know her from Degrassi or The Vampire Diaries, we've all fallen in love with Nina Dobrev's style. No matter what she's doing, whether she's on the street, working, or on the red carpet, she always looks flawless. If you're looking to steal some style inspiration from Nina Dobrev, look no further than this list!

Table of contents:

  1. Graphic tee and skirt
  2. Sultry red dress
  3. Denim and denim
  4. Dreamy skirt
  5. Chic tuxedo twist
  6. Retro dress
  7. Simple trench
  8. Ombré skinny jeans
  9. Timeless black dress
  10. Flawless street style
  11. Little black dress
  12. Professional chic
  13. Nude midi dress
  14. Bright red and a blazer
  15. Rocker girl meets comfortable
  16. White and blue romper
  17. Sweater and cut offs
  18. Simple flowers
  19. Blue and pink matching set
  20. Black and white midi dress
  21. White sparkly
  22. Red jumpsuit
  23. Girly with some rebellion
  24. Gold detailing
  25. Add a pop of color

1 Graphic Tee and Skirt

Source: Nina Dobrev’s Latest Outfit Is
I love the contrast between the graphic tee and skirt.

2 Sultry Red Dress

She could not look any better than she does in this dress!

3 Denim and Denim

Source: Snag Rumer Willis' Floral Bikini
Only Nina Dobrev could pull off a denim on denim outfit so easily.

4 Dreamy Skirt

This long, billowy skirt is like a dream.

5 Chic Tuxedo Twist

Source: The 14 Best Celebrity Looks
This blazer is absolutely stunning on her!

6 Retro Dress

Via ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No
This dress is so classic and elegant, and she pulls it off so well!

7 Simple Trench

Source: Celebrities Doing Things!
Not only is this trench coat so cute, but the little daisies she's wearing underneath add a great touch!

8 Ombré Skinny Jeans

Source: LoLoBu - Women look, Fashion
I love the fade from black to purple of her skinny jeans, and the leather jacket just completes the look.

9 Timeless Black Dress

Source: January 12, 2015
There is nothing about this dress that I don't absolutely love.

10 Flawless Street Style

Source: Back2Blanc: July 2013
She pulls off street style so easily. I love her leather pants and simple ballet flats!

11 Little Black Dress

Source: Nina Dobrev and Demi Lovato
Doesn't this dress make you wish you could pull off this look too? The short dress is even more stunning when paired with the dramatic neckline!

12 Professional Chic

Source: Katherine Pierce and Bebe Peplum
Even when she's filming her style is perfect!

13 Nude Midi Dress

Not only are the details of this dress stunning, but the length and neckline are so classic.

14 Bright Red and a Blazer

Source: What's She Wearing
This bright red dress is dressed up a little bit with this pretty blazer!

15 Rocker Girl Meets Comfortable

Source: Best
How does anyone look this good at the airport? I know that I never have!

16 White and Blue Romper

Source: Breakfast at Yurman's
I can't even explain how obsessed with this romper I am.

17 Sweater and Cut Offs

Source: Celebrities Love Rag & Bone's
The ankle boots completely pull this entire outfit together.

18 Simple Flowers

Source: The vixen diaries! Nina Dobrev
The only part of this outfit that I love more than the flowers is the white chic skirt.

19 Blue and Pink Matching Set

Source: Nina Dobrev from Best Looks
Nina Dobrev knows how to pull off a matching set!

20 Black and White Midi Dress

Everything about this dress is so unique yet stunning.

21 White Sparkly

Source: Picture of Nina Dobrev
Nina stuns in this Ellie Saab dress!

22 Red Jumpsuit

Source: Look of the Day
I'm usually not a fan of jumpsuits, but this one has completely converted me!

23 Girly with Some Rebellion

I love how the top of this dress is so girly and then the bottom is made up of different geometric patterns.

24 Gold Detailing

Source: Simply Nina Dobrev |'s
I'm more than a little obsessed with the gold detailing on this outfit!

25 Add a Pop of Color

Source: 97 Reasons Why Nina Dobrev
This bright skirt adds a pop of color to an otherwise muted outfit.

What is your favorite look from Nina Dobrev? I don't think I can pick a favorite! Discuss her best looks in the comments!

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