7 Quirky Flamingo Fashion Accessories for Your Summer Wardrobe ...


Flamingo accessories are a fun way to add some quirky elements to your outfit.

I’ve noticed that flamingo motifs seem to be having a trending moment right now, and you can easily incorporate them into your outfit in the form of accessories.

From jewellery to bags to shoes, flamingos can be found on all sorts of different fashion accessories.

If you’re a fan of the flamingo, read on to see our pick of quirky flamingo accessories.

1. Flamingo Collar Necklace

Flamingo Collar Necklace

Flamingo accessories don’t have to be over the top.

A simple way to add some flamingo fun to your outfit is with some jewellery.

This Topshop flamingo necklace will make a statement and isn’t too big of a commitment to the trend.

Just pop it on with a plain blouse or dress and you’re good to go.

This necklace will set you back around $35 but you can find similar flamingo necklaces at stores like Dorothy Perkins.

2. Flamingo Print Pouch

Flamingo Print Pouch

This Tory Burch pouch features an all over pink flamingo pattern.

It has as simple rectangular design with a zip top closure and monogrammed logo to the front.

You could use it as a makeup bag or as a small clutch to hold your wallet, phone and keys.

While this pouch usually retails for around $80, you can currently grab it on sale at farfetch.com for around $30.

3. Flamingo Hat

Flamingo Hat

This flamingo print hat is a quirky take on a classic summertime accessory.

This Eugenia Kim straw hat features an embroidered flamingo motif to one side.

It’s pretty pricey, though, and will still set you back around $180 on sale.

If you’re after a cheaper buy, check out Vans for a street-smart flamingo print cap.

4. Flamingo Print Headband

Flamingo Print Headband

Sweep your hair back this summer in a cool flamingo print headband.2

It’s a subtle accessory that can be paired with all sorts of outfits.

You could wear it with your hair up and with oversized sunglasses for a glamorous look, or use it to tame unruly beach hair.

This headband will only cost you $12 and would make a cute addition to any outfit.

Flamingo Print Bracelet
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