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It may surprise you to learn that the fashion industry is the second highest polluter on the planet – behind the oil business.

US women consume ~80 million clothing items every year so that is a massive amount of resources, energy and delivery miles.

The average American throws away 68lbs of textiles every year, much of which is not biodegradable.

If this knowledge offends your eco-conscious sensibilities, you’ll be happy to learn the number of slow fashion brands is growing.

Slow fashion brands promote value ethical production methods and use sustainable materials.

Brands like these:

1. Zady

Zady fights against the culture of buying more and more clothing at an increasingly lower quality, instead manufacturing garments that are designed and created with not only fashion sense but also longevity in mind.

The company focus is to provide clothing that has a multi-seasonal appeal, therefore discouraging people from having to completely recycle their wardrobe as the weather changes.

2. Reformation

One of the best slow fashion brands currently out there is definitely Reformation.2

Launched in 2009, the brand helps to prove that high-end fashion and sustainability can certainly live in perfect harmony.

Not only do they utilize sustainable and vintage fabrics for their creations, but they also invest heavily in their workers, providing good wages with great health benefits.

Their motto is β€œkiller clothes that don’t kill the environment”.

3. Outdoor Voices

Having recently been featured in Vogue, this active wear brand is now making waves in the closets of all tuned-in fashionistas.2

They focus on good quality sportswear that does not go out of style, using the right materials and operating within the right ethical practices to run a truly sustainable business.

They have also recently introduced a 100% recycled packaging policy, which can make a big difference to the plight of the environment.2

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