The History πŸ“œ of the Bra πŸ‘™ for Girls Wondering πŸ€” Where It Came from ...


Love β€˜em or hate β€˜em, a girl’s best friend is not diamonds but her bra.

Keeping your boobs safe and supported is necessary for so many important reasons.

Although they are an instrument of torture for the teenage boyfriend who fumbles with the clips, bras are your breasts' protector.

So so vital, the idea of the bra has been around for longer than you might imagine.

1. Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Women spent their days bare chested underneath long, flowing tunics that covered their modesty.

2. Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Young girls began to wear β€˜breast bands’ around their chests under the belief that it would prevent sagging as they got older.

3. 16th Century

16th Century

The corset becomes a must have piece of clothing for aristocratic women.

The next four centuries saw a trend of women binding their waists and pushing their breasts upward.

4. 1866


The first modern type of bra appears in Great Britain and is made from wire and silk.

5. 1869


In France, Herminie Cadolle decides to cut the corset in to two separate pieces: the top part that only supported the breasts and the lower part that acts a miniature corset.

6. 1893


The first bra patent in the USA is taken out by Marie Tucek, which was the first incarnation of the modern underwired bra.

7. 1910


A young socialite called Mary Phelps Jacobs fashions one of the first modern brassieres when she makes a support garment from two silk scarves after her whalebone corset becomes too uncomfortable.

8. World War I

World War I

Metal shortages all over the world lead to the end of the corset, and by the end of the war in 1918, hardly anybody wore the old garment, instead adopting the new brassiere.

9. 1920s


The age of skinny flappers brought to the forefront a bandeau, which rather than pushing the breasts up, actually flattened them down to achieve that slim jazz club body shape.

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