7 Ways to Reuse Summer Clothes during Winter ...


When the seasons change, you'll want to reuse summer clothes during winter instead of sticking them in the closet until next year.2

There’s no reason to waste money on a brand-new fall wardrobe when you can use what you already have.

You’ll save money and won’t have to wait six months to wear your favorite tank tops and shorts.

By layering and adding new accessories, you can reuse summer clothes during winter.

1. Lovely Leggings

Lovely Leggings

Leggings are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.

They come in different colors, styles, and can have designs in them.

Pair them with your favorite shorts or skirt.

Depending on what you buy, they can be surprisingly warm.

For extra coverage, wear them with long socks and boots.

If you want to reuse summer clothes during winter, leggings are a must-have.

2. Cutesy Cardigans

Cutesy Cardigans

If you have tons of tank tops, buy cardigans in various colors and styles.

That way, you can wear spaghetti straps and short sleeves all year round.

You can also make more outfits with the same few pieces.

By wearing one shirt with a black cardigan one day and with a white cardigan on another, it’ll look like two completely different outfits.

Plus, since cardigans are technically an accessory, you can wear them multiple times in a week.

3. Limitless Layering

Limitless Layering

Buy some long sleeve shirts in solid colors to war beneath shorter shirts.

You can also pile vests and sweaters on top of a skimpy top.

Layering is easy and can be done with almost any article of clothing.2

Scarves come in handy when trying to make a light outfit warmer, and so do stylish hats.

Accessories are a requirement during the winter season.

4. Casual Capris

Casual Capris

If you have a pair of capris that fit just right, incorporate them into your winter look.

As long as they aren’t too short, you can cover exposed skin with high boots.

To keep warm, wear high socks or leggings beneath the boots.

They won’t be seen, so it doesn’t matter how silly it looks.

They’re only there to keep you from getting frostbite.

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