7 Witchy Fashion Pieces Inspired by American Horror Story: Coven ...


If you’re like me, when you watch American Horror Story: Coven, you may find yourself wanting some witchy fashion pieces.

I love each character’s unique style and did a little shopping to find clothes and accessories that match the distinct look of each witch.

Here are my favorite witchy fashion pieces inspired by American Horror Story.

1. UNIF – Lore Hat

UNIF – Lore Hat

One of my favorite witchy fashion pieces is the Lore Hat by UNIF.

Witches are known for their hats, after all!

This hat is the perfect way to turn any of your existing ensembles into an outfit straight out of American Horror Story.

Channel your inner Zoe Benson with the Lore Hat.

You can order this witchy fashion accessory on unifclothing.com.

2. Sisters of the Black Moon – Sudri Trouser

Sisters of the Black Moon – Sudri Trouser

With a name like Sisters of the Black Moon, you know you’re getting something absolutely witchy!2

These pants will help you to look like everyone’s favorite witch turned voodoo girl, Queenie.

On the show, Queenie is always wearing the cutest pants, which is where the inspiration for these trousers comes into play.

The Sudri Trouser has a vegan leather harness that comes up the front of the pant and then turns into suspenders with adjustable straps in the back.

You can purchase these trousers at sistersoftheblackmoon.com.

3. L’ecole Des Femmes – Pleated Belle De Jour Dress

L’ecole Des Femmes – Pleated Belle De Jour Dress

If Nan is your style inspiration on the show, then you will just adore this dress by L’ecole Des Femmes.2

Nan is hardly ever seen not wearing a dress on the show and loves sporting gowns that have a collar just like the Belle De Jour Dress.

To purchase this Nan-inspired dress, visit lecoledesfemmes.net.

4. Chaser – Minx Faux Fur Moto Jacket

Chaser – Minx Faux Fur Moto Jacket

Madison Montgomery loves accessories, which is why for her I chose a jacket to represent her character.

In the show, Madison has worn several fur pieces, so I decided this furry coat was the perfect piece for a Madison inspired outfit.

Chaser Minx Faux Fur Moto Jacket will help you make a grand entrance – just like Madison!

To add this coat to your closet, visit dollskill.com.

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