9 Accessory and Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Terrific ...

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all have a stylist to pick and point out accessory and fashion tips? Well, I’ve invested some time in the topic and you might find yourself agreeing with my research – or not. When it comes to accessory and fashion tips, women can get awfully defensive about their style. Are you guilty of these fashion faux pas, or don’t you think they’re missteps at all?

1. One Focal Point

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Imagine the background of this text full of swirly designs and the text itself in varying fonts. You just wouldn't know what to look at and it’s too distracting. Same goes for your outfit. When thinking about accessory and fashion tips, it’s important to try and see yourself as others do. One striking feature of a dress or top, such as shoulder or neckline embellishment, is all you need. Don’t pair it with pants that are bedazzled, whiskered or otherwise adorned.

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