7 Best Lightweight Scarves for Spring ...

By Amber

7 Best Lightweight Scarves for Spring ...

Spring is the perfect time to add some new accessories to your look. As the chilly winter weather starts to fade away, you can stay warm with a lighter weight scarf. Throwing a scarf with a plain top can transform it instantly and give you a new look completely. Here are the 7 best light weight scarves for Spring that you should add to your closet... and they're all less than $10 each!

1 Ikat Woven Scarf

Price: $8.80 at forever21.comThis pretty scarf is done in an intricate ikat pattern, with such gorgeous colors! The fringes give it an added touch of class that will be perfect for a business suit or a sweet spring sweater set.

2 Fringed Scarf

Price: $8.80 at forever21.com
If you want to add some color to your closet, this dove grey fringed scarf is a great pick. It would look adorable with jeans for a casual weekend look. The fringe keeps it fun and youthful and the lighter color just screams “Spring has arrived!”

3 Woven Fringe Scarf in Teal

Price: $4.50 at forever21.com
This rich turquoise color is hot this spring! Paired with cool ivories and luscious chocolates, turquoise will bring out your beautiful eyes and light up your complexion. This scarf is casual with its simple fringe, but the woven texture adds enough structure that you could wear it to work as well.

4 Striped Woven Scarf

Price: $5.50 at forever21.com
Don’t you just love the sunny yellow stripes on this gorgeous scarf? It will put you in the mood for a walk in the sunshine every time you wear it! Stripes are also a great way to add interest to your outfits. Pair this fun wrinkly scarf with a pair of navy slacks and a classic white button up blouse to have a timeless nautical look like a punch of yellow pizazz!

5 Jersey Stripe Scarf

Price: $8.80 at forever21.com
This jersey stripe is super casual and perfect for the weekend. Throw this on with your favorite fitted tee and jeans before you go walk the dog or hit the grocery store. The lightweight knit will be comfortable and ward off the chill if the weather gets breezy while you are out doing errands.

6 Color Block Knit Scarf

Price: $8.80 at forever21.com
The color block styles appeal to those who love graphic prints. The stripes are wide and bold. This scarf would be best paired with a solid top or a structured khaki jacket. The pop of yellow adds a fun twist that will brighten your look.

7 Sheer Sequin Scarf

Price: $9.80 at forever21.com
Sexy is back with this golden beauty! You can look hot for your night out with this sheer sequin scarf that is more stylish than practical. Glam is in this spring so don’t be afraid to go over the top a bit with lots of sparkles and gold glitter in your accessories. This scarf is the perfect addition to your date night look.

Don’t be afraid to wear a lightweight scarf as the weather changes. Scarves are just as popular in the spring as they were in the winter so find one that appeals to you and wear it with confidence. These 7 best lightweight scarves for spring will get your ideas going so you can see the colors and styles that will work for you. What is your favorite way to wear a scarf in the spring?

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