7 Best Brands of Jeans That Are Sure to Last ...

Knowing what the best brands of jeans are is ideal because a modern staple in every woman's closet is a great pair of denims! We want at least one pair to be of great quality so that they will last and look great always. Jeans are comfy and chic and can be dressed up or down! That's why it's so versatile and adored as a fashion staple. Here are just a few of my personal favorites of best brands of jeans that I'm sure you're going to love if you don't already.

1. 7 for All Mankind

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When it comes to the best brands of jeans on the market, Seven's are one of the most popular brands and a leader in premium denim. This brand is loved among celebrates like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, not to mention they made appearances on actresses Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow from the TV show Friends before these jeans were a household name! The fit is impeccable and so is the quality. It's definitely worth investing in a pair.

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