7 Dresses Featuring Bird Print That You Will Love ...


7 Dresses Featuring Bird Print That You Will Love ...
7 Dresses Featuring Bird Print That You Will Love ...

One of the most intriguing trends to grace the runway this Fall is dresses featuring bird print. This particular style has taken over the closets of many celebrities. The list of famous fashionistas who are drawn to these fun and flirty graphics includes but is not limited to Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel, and Katy Perry. I love the sense of boldness associated with this trend. As birds naturally range in color, this fashion calls for diverse hues. These dresses featuring bird print are so versatile in nature that you will have trouble deciding between them.

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ASOS – Mina Bird Print Dress

ASOS – Mina Bird Print Dress The fact that this dress has a fabulous peter pan collar makes it one of the coolest dresses featuring bird print. My favorite element of this dress is its A-line shape. Also, monochromatic colors are in this season; this idea alone makes me confident that this classic style will be sure to stay a hit for years to come.


Dorothy Perkins – Billie and Blossom Red Bird Slinky Dress

Dorothy Perkins – Billie and Blossom Red Bird Slinky Dress Available in a range of sizes, this fiery beauty will definitely become a staple piece in your closet. This dress features sassy cut-outs that show a glimpse of your collarbones and a drawstring waistline to emphasis all of your stunning features.


Modcloth – Wing It on

Modcloth – Wing It on From the midnight blue hue to the delicate lace detailing on the bottom, I have fallen head over heels for every element of this beautiful number. The overall cut and shape of this sleek dress help emphasize just how elegant and fashion forward it truly is.


Gap – Bird Print Tie Waist Shirt Dress

Gap – Bird Print Tie Waist Shirt Dress This shirt dress is one of the greatest contributions to this marvelous style. I love the fact that this look is sophisticated without being stiff, proving that there is nothing wrong with being a little preppy. With the right pair of boots, you can even add an edge to your outfit.


ASOS – Closet Full Skater Dress in Floral Bird Print

ASOS – Closet Full Skater Dress in Floral Bird Print I've really been getting into floral dresses this season. The multicolor print of this next item is attention grabbing. Try pairing this dress with a belt for a more slimming look; show the world how much of a trendsetter you are by rocking it with classy Oxford shoes or glamorous ankle boots.


Dorothy Perkins – Tall Floral Twist Sleeve Dress

Dorothy Perkins – Tall Floral Twist Sleeve Dress The fit and flare structure of this next piece is one of the biggest clothing trends of the year. This silhouette is known for complimenting any body type; I've found myself becoming obsessed with fit and flare dresses because of how flattering they are.


Modcloth – Everywhere You Tune

Modcloth – Everywhere You Tune Lastly, as a person who is not a huge fan of orange, I would definitely give it a shot after seeing this dress! With its simple design and bold color, it would be easy to rock this look on various occasions. I would love to take this dress out for a spin on a date at the pier with my friends.

Ever since they first appeared on the runway, bird print dresses have been a part of many fashionistas' wardrobes. With its fun and flirty nature, it should come as no surprise that this print is still trending despite being around for a while. Which dress is calling out to you? Do you own any bird print dresses? If so, where did you get them?

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Interesting. Birds are a interesting way of a along creativity on clothing and much more. Awesome!

I really like 5. And 7 is okay.

I love No. 3 and 5

I only like the first one

Visby in Sweden is beautiful!

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