9 Special Occasion Dresses for Women with an Hourglass Shape ...


9 Special Occasion Dresses for Women with an Hourglass Shape ...
9 Special Occasion Dresses for Women with an Hourglass Shape ...

People say that there are not a lot of nice dresses for women with an hourglass shape. And it might be easy to feel the same, especially you’re traipsing from store to store, trying unsuccessfully to find the perfect dress for that old friend’s wedding/work party/date-with-the-flirty-barista-who-drew-hearts-in-your-coffee-for-six-weeks-before-asking-you-out. But never fear! I am here, I am also an hourglass, and I will stand with you in feminine solidarity! I have looked around for a bunch of dresses for women with an hourglass shape. Some are more formal than others, but all of them can be worn to special occasions where you want to look so good that you increase the general attractiveness of any room just by walking into it.

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Pretty in Polka Dots

Pretty in Polka Dots First choice of my pick of dresses for women with an hourglass shape is this super-cute polka-dot friend from Zappos. She will highlight your waist and bring a retro spin with her full A-Line skirt. Plus, she can go with you to pretty much any occasion. Best BFF ever! Get yours at Zappos.


Sizzling under the Sea

Sizzling under the Sea For those who want to make the most of their hourglass figure without making too much of a splash, do it with this watery-hued wonder from . This blue is friendly to almost all skin tones and has features to enhance your natural curves, including criss-crossing built-in waist details, a sweetheart neckline and an A-line skirt. Find yours at Modcloth.


Little Red Dress

Little Red Dress This beautiful crimson creation is by Closet and you can find it at ASOS. It will delight your figure with its soft pleats, bold color and cute-as-a-button capped sleeves. Little Black Dress? Forget it! A Little Red Dress is the way to go! Try it out at ASOS.


Of Burgundy and Bows

Of Burgundy and Bows There are many beautiful structures in the world. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and the Statue of Liberty are just a few. But I can guarantee that none of them will hold a flame to YOUR structure in this fantastic Modcloth dress (not even Lady Liberty, and she’s already got a flame in her hand!). With its sharply cut neckline, deep maroon hue, and funky over-sized bow, this sheath dress will ensure you look like the Eighth Wonder of the World when you step out tonight. Snag yours at Modcloth.


Fun with Floral

Fun with Floral Don’t worry, you won’t ever be a shy retiring flower in this delightfully bright floral number from Modcloth! The halter neck is a busty lady’s best friend, and with a self-tie that you can adjust as you like. A cotton/spandex blend, shirring at the back and an adjustable belt mean that you can relax in the knowledge that this dress will be very forgiving, no matter how many helpings of that amazing cheesecake you go back for! Let your garden grow with a visit to Modcloth!


Sheer Beauty

Sheer Beauty You don’t always have to hide your arms away; if you don’t like short sleeve dresses, there are still ways to wear to-the-wrist sleeves without looking Amish. This trendy chiffon dress has lovely sheer sleeves that show your arms in a subtle, stylish way. The cross-over neckline and nipped in waist team up here and produce yet another flattering dress for the hourglass shape. And did I mention it comes in black AND red? Score one for ASOS!


Retro in Red

Retro in Red This retro red Modcloth dress will be a life-saver for any occasion. You might not think that a high neckline would suit those with a bigger bust, but often the opposite is true. The boat neckline is surprisingly flattering on almost all body types! Add the box pleats and you’ve got a match made in heaven. The plain color of this dress also lends itself to having lots of fun with accessories; I’m thinking a tied-up nautical scarf and some cute Mary-Janes... but you can do whatever your heart desires! Get thee to Modcloth to find yours.


Maximum Elegance

Maximum Elegance I have a very serious question for you: why would anyone bother looking at the world’s works of art when they have such an incredible work of art right before them? Astound your fellow revelers at any party this silly season in this gorgeous floor length beige maxi. The black grosgrain belt will highlight your waist, and the sweetheart neckline will complement your bust. This dress is dripping with class and elegance, without forgetting that there is also a rocking figure underneath. Head to Modcloth to get ready for the ball!


A Simple Stunner

A Simple Stunner And finally, the show-stopper! Put on this va-va-voom figure-hugging dress from Zappos.com, and you will feel your curves come alive. Fitted from the bust to the waist, this crimson beauty is not for the faint-hearted, but if you step into its crimson folds, I can promise your hourglass figure will draw admiration wherever it goes. The trick is that it’s not too short – so the tight fit is extraordinarily flattering while still very classy. It’s funny that this dress has the words "Stop Staring" in its name, as that is exactly what people will not be able to do when they see your stunning self in it. Take a look at Zappos to see if YOU can stop staring at this dress.

And there you have it! My grand parade of special occasion dresses for women with wonderful hourglass shapes. I have tried to include a combination of styles and colors, but I’m sure there are plenty more. If you’ve got a figure like the number eight, then there are lots of knock-out dresses around for you! All it takes is a few clicks, and there is a world of fantastic fashion to celebrate those with bust, waist and booty. Which one is your favorite, or do you have a different style that works on your hourglass shape? Let me know in the comments!

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