9 Special Occasion Dresses for Women with an Hourglass Shape ...

People say that there are not a lot of nice dresses for women with an hourglass shape. And it might be easy to feel the same, especially you’re traipsing from store to store, trying unsuccessfully to find the perfect dress for that old friend’s wedding/work party/date-with-the-flirty-barista-who-drew-hearts-in-your-coffee-for-six-weeks-before-asking-you-out. But never fear! I am here, I am also an hourglass, and I will stand with you in feminine solidarity! I have looked around for a bunch of dresses for women with an hourglass shape. Some are more formal than others, but all of them can be worn to special occasions where you want to look so good that you increase the general attractiveness of any room just by walking into it.

1. Pretty in Polka Dots

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First choice of my pick of dresses for women with an hourglass shape is this super-cute polka-dot friend from Zappos. She will highlight your waist and bring a retro spin with her full A-Line skirt. Plus, she can go with you to pretty much any occasion. Best BFF ever! Get yours at Zappos.

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