Check out These 9 Badass Ways to Style Your Biker Jacket ...

A biker jacket is a staple in many wardrobes, and ideal for the time when it's warm enough not to need a winter coat but cool enough for a jacket to be essential. But if you're bored with wearing it with jeans, how else can you style it? It's more versatile than you might think, so try these ways to style your biker jacket, and get maximum use from this cool jacket …

1. Over a Floaty Dress

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The biker jacket is such a masculine piece that it's fun to mix it up with a feminine floaty dress. Keep your legs warm by choosing a maxi dress, which will look extra cool with the short length of the jacket, or add a pair of leggings. For maximum contrast, pick a dress in a lighter tone if, like most biker jackets, yours is black (black is such a classic!).

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