7 Classic and Essential Jackets That You Need in Your Wardrobe ...

There are a lot of classic and essential jackets that are a must for any wardrobe. With summer coming to a close, jackets are not only practical to keep warm in the colder months ahead, but they can also act as accents to compliment and complete your outfit. Do you think a lacy dress is too girly for your personality? Try pairing it with a leather jacket. A good jacket can change your look completely. So if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, look for these seven classic and essential jackets.

1. Jean Jacket

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Jean jackets are probably the most indispensable out of all the essential jackets on this list. Not only are jean jackets practical, but they also go with anything. For women, you can wear them with dresses for those cool summer nights, and a cute scarf and hat for the fall. For men, there are ones with cozy, woolly linings on the inside for fall and early winter. Jean jackets come in a variety of colours and washes. Go for a lighter wash for a casual look, and a darker wash for special occasions. Pick one that suits you, dress it up or dress it down, and have some fun with it.

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