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17 Stylish Infographics for Girls Looking to up Their Fashion Game ...

By Holly

You look beautiful, just the way you are. Of course, it can't hurt to dress nicely. That's why you should learn a thing or two about fashion, so you can always look your best. With that in mind, here are a few stylish infographics for girls who want to improve their fashion sense:

1 The Swimsuit Style Guide for Women

The Swimsuit Style Guide for WomenDifferent body shapes will look better in different swimsuits. That's why you should read this infographic before going shopping.

2 Finding the Perfect Bra

Finding the Perfect BraThis infographic will help you find the perfect bra for your body. You don't want to be walking around in one that's too big or small for you.

3 Visual Shoe Dictionary

Visual Shoe DictionaryNow you'll know all of the differences between shoes. There's more types out there than you'd think!

4 The Style Indicator

The Style IndicatorIf you want to look stylish, you have to pay attention to details and act spontaneously. You should also be creative and take risks!

5 How to Measure Yourself for a Dress

How to Measure Yourself for a DressIf you want to find a dress that fits you perfectly, make sure you measure your waist, hips, and bust. Each number is important.

6 Types of Dresses

Types of DressesHere are a few different types of evening dresses you can choose from if you're going to prom or an elegant party.

7 The Right Way to Iron a Dress Shirt

The Right Way to Iron a Dress ShirtYou don't want your clothing to look wrinkled. That's why you should know the right way to iron a shirt.

8 The Ultimate Bra Fashion Vocabulary

The Ultimate Bra Fashion VocabularyThere's more than one type of bra. There's a dozen different types, and it's best to have one of each.

9 The Ultimate Pockets Fashion Vocabulary

The Ultimate Pockets Fashion VocabularyFemale pockets can come in many different shapes and sizes (although they're usually pretty small). This infographic will show you the names of each type.

10 What Your Clothing Colors Say about You

What Your Clothing Colors Say about YouTake a look at what you're wearing. The color can say a lot about your personality.

11 A Guide to Organizing Your Wardrobe

A Guide to Organizing Your WardrobeIt'll be easier to pick out an outfit in the morning if your clothes are organized. That's why you should follow this advice.

12 Women's Business Attire

Women's Business AttireIf you're going to a job interview, you need to dress your best. This infographic will show you how.

13 Freeze Clean Your Jeans

Freeze Clean Your JeansNow you know how to keep your jeans clean! All of that bacteria will disappear.

14 De-Coding Dress Codes 101

De-Coding Dress Codes 101If your boss tells you to dress business casual, don't be confused. This infographic will tell you exactly what it means, so that you don't end up embarrassing yourself at work.

15 Business Casual VS Business Confused

Business Casual VS Business ConfusedThis infographic will give you a little more info about what "business casual" actually means.

16 Dressing TIps for Women with Large Hips

Dressing TIps for Women with Large HipsThis will give you a few tips for dressing your best if you have a slim top and wide hips.

17 The Train

The TrainIf you get married, you'll have to pick what type of train you'll want on your dress. It all depends on how long you think it should be.

With the help of these infographics, you'll be the most fashionable lady around! What's your favorite item of clothing to wear?

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