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9 Different Ways to Style Plaid like a True Fashionista ...

By Amber

This season, with it becoming a big trend, I wanted to share some great ways to style plaid! Now, some of you are already confident with plaid and have no fear flaunting it. But for others, it can be a new thing to try. When done correctly, plaid can look great. So here are some ways to style plaid so that you are sure to look amazing and feel confident. Hope you like them!

Table of contents:

  1. Polished
  2. Around the waist
  3. Oversized
  4. Wear it with boots
  5. Layered
  6. Under a blazer
  7. As an accessory
  8. Shorts
  9. Trench coat

1 Polished

One of the ways to style plaid this fall is to keep things polished and professional. Miranda Kerr looks fabulous in this plaid trimmed coat, styled with cute leather shorts, tights, and heeled booties. Complete the look with a great handbag, and you are good to go.

2 Around the Waist

One of the looks from the '90s that seems to be making a comeback! But when done right, this can look very cute and relaxed. I love this look because it makes it seem like you really didn’t try too hard when you walked out of the house. Being chic just comes naturally... Or at least, we can make it seem that way.

3 Oversized

Now what girl doesn’t love wearing comfy clothes? Put your BFs giant flannel to good use and tuck it slightly into some cute denim jeans. Another relaxed, yet effortlessly stylish look. Roll up the sleeves and add some accessories. That’s all there is to this one, girls.

4 Wear It with Boots

Probably the most common way to style plaid, and for good reason- it’s cute! It is simple, comfortable, and good for just about any occasion. From going out to lunch, to hanging out, to running errands, or maybe just for a casual day at the office. Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with your fave pair of boots.

5 Layered

For those days when you need to bundle up a little extra, this is a great one to try. Add a cute cardigan and a nice jacket, and voilà! I love this look, and it is awesome how just adding a simple cardi and a great leather jacket can top off your outfit. I would even add a cute beanie too! Super warm, comfortable, and still so so lovely.

6 Under a Blazer

This is another sharp and formal look. Great to wear out for dinner, or to a special event. Dress up your flannel - preferably not one that is totally shabby, ladies - with some cute matching heels, a skirt or pants, and a matching bag. This look is professional, polished, and absolutely fabulous.

7 As an Accessory

Looking for a way to ease yourself into the plaid fad? Well this one is perfect for you! Start off with something simple like a great plaid scarf. It adds great detail to a simple outfit, and can be interchanged easily if you are still feeling iffy about it.

8 Shorts

For those warmer fall days when the sun is shining nice and bright, wear a great plaid top with your favorite pair of shorts. Pair with some cute sandals, or sneakers for the day, then swap them out for boots or heels for the night. Perfect if your day is busy and you’re in a time crunch.

9 Trench Coat

And lastly, we have the option to make it your overall focus piece. Obviously don’t wear this with an already busy outfit, and don’t mix it with too many other patterns! Eek! This is just another way to spice up an ordinary outfit without trying too hard.

Well that does it for my list, ladies. I hope these ideas gave you some cute outfit inspo. What are some of your favorite ways to style plaid? What are some of your favorite plaid pieces?

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