7 Tips for Cheering up Your Winter Wardrobe ...


7 Tips for Cheering up Your Winter Wardrobe ...
7 Tips for Cheering up Your Winter Wardrobe ...

Does your winter wardrobe need cheering up? During the cold, dull months we tend to wear dark colors. That can get a little boring, so a splash of color can be really welcome. Happily there are lots of ways to introduce color and brighten up your outfit. Here's how to cheer up your winter wardrobe …

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Colorful Coat

Colorful Coat One of the best ways to brighten up your winter wardrobe is with a colorful coat. We spend a lot of time covered up in winter, so why not move away from the traditional dark colors and get a brighter coat instead? The bonus is that you'll be easily visible! There are lots of lovely coats in bright red, or you could buy one in a lovely jewel color.


Gorgeous Gloves

Gorgeous Gloves If you can't afford a new coat, then gloves are the ideal way to brighten up your winter clothing. They can be picked up really cheap, so you can afford to buy a few different pairs for when you fancy a change. Or if you want to spend more, you can buy a quality pair in leather or suede. For a fun look, you could buy a knitted stripy pair - why should kids be the only ones to wear them?


Nice Knitwear

Nice Knitwear Most of my knitwear is black - it goes with everything - but I also have some more colorful sweaters. A stripy jumper is perfect for comfortable weekends; if you know how to knit, make one in a combination of your favorite colors. For more formal wear, a fitted sweater in a single color is ideal.


Lovely Legs

Lovely Legs Another way to brighten up your outfit is with a pair of colored or patterned hose. This is where you can really have fun! Hose and socks come in a seemingly infinite variety of colors and patterns. Colored hose work really well with a plain dress or skirt; also look for animal print or other patterns. When chilling at home, pull on a pair of colorful socks - leave the boring black in your sock drawer!


Luminous Lipstick

Luminous Lipstick This is one of the easiest and quickest ways of cheering up your look in winter. Putting on some strong red lipstick certainly works for me - it really makes me feel brighter. Red is a winter classic, but you can also try another shade that works for you, such as pink or cherry.


Bright Belt

Bright Belt A brightly colored belt is another excellent way of cheering up your winter outfit, and is also an inexpensive means of altering your look. The possibilities are endless - you can pick a narrow or wide belt with one or more colors. A colorful belt looks stunning against a plain black or grey dress, elevating a classic look into something really stylish.


Luscious Lingerie

Luscious Lingerie Finally, you can cheer up your winter outfit in a different way - from the inside! Admittedly nobody but yourself (and your partner, if you have one) will be able to see that you are wearing colorful lingerie, but it'll still make you feel more cheerful. Burgundy, wine and purple are perfect shades for winter lingerie.

There are lots of ways for cheering up a winter wardrobe; we don't have to allow our clothes to reflect the dreary weather outside. You could also go for colorful shoes and boots, which make a pleasant (and striking) change from basic black. What do you have on your winter wardrobe wish list?

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