Style Rules πŸ“– You Should Be Fearless 😬 about Breaking ✌🏼️ ...

Style rules are fine, but they’re definitely not necessary! There are so many trends that are in style right now that completely contradict all of those β€œfashion rules” we grew up hearing. You’d be surprised at how many rules you were taught to follow that completely go against the fashion trends of today. It’s fine if you like to follow fashion rules, but overall, I think that if you love what you’re wearing and love how it looks on you, those are the only rules that you should be concerned about following! These are just some of the rules that you should not be afraid to break in 2016!

1. You Can’t Clash Colors

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I hate when people say that you can’t wear clashing colors! In 2016, clashing colors is a fashion statement! Wear two colors you would never pair before. Wear blue and black together. Wear coral with red. Pick any two colors that you never thought to wear together and wear them!

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