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52 Dream Closets We All Dream of ...

By Vladlena

I think that every girl in the world imagines having 5 different dream closets ever since she was young: one for her tops, second one for her bottoms, third one for her shoes, one for her bags and another one for her accessories, or at least something along those lines! As we grew older we realize that's pretty much an impractical dream to have, yet we still remain with the hope that one day we'll be able to afford a closet like that of Mia from The Princess Diaries! And in case that day comes, here are some dream closets for your inspiration!

Table of contents:

  1. Closet with stairs
  2. Walk in closet
  3. Beautiful walk in closet
  4. 3000 square feet closet
  5. Contemporary dressing room and closet
  6. Custom closet
  7. Big contemporary closet
  8. Chic closets & dressing room
  9. Huge neutral closet
  10. Glamorous walk in closet
  11. Two story closet
  12. Elegant white walk-in closet
  13. Luscious walk in wardrobe
  14. Beauty and fashion dream room
  15. Master walk-in closet
  16. Mirrored doors & accessories island
  17. Dark chocolate walk-in closet
  18. Color coordinated closet
  19. Modern closet set up
  20. Crispy white walk-in closet
  21. Royal closet
  22. Organized and clean dream closet
  23. Black and white dream closet
  24. Empty walk-in closet of every girl's dream
  25. Glamorous marble dream closet
  26. Stunning wood walk-in closet
  27. Clean and chic walk-in closet
  28. Homey dream closet
  29. Perfect closet for purse lovers
  30. Barbie dream closet
  31. Black and glam closet
  32. Private / walk-in wardrobe
  33. Dream closet inspiration
  34. Feminine and practical dream closet
  35. Large walk-in closet with great lighting
  36. Glam and grand closet space
  37. Bedroom turned into a walk-in closet
  38. Black & white closet inspiration
  39. Clean, neat and spotless
  40. All black storage with a few white details
  41. Colorful wood dream closet
  42. Dark color scheme with lots of lights
  43. Tall ceiling and lots of shoe display
  44. Mirrored dream closet
  45. Fancy walk-in closet with circular lounge area
  46. Beautifully constructed all white walk-in closet
  47. Huge window and glass doors
  48. Tons of space for storage
  49. An easily-accessible attic turned into a walk-in closet
  50. Compacted walk-in closet
  51. Striped walk-in closet
  52. Vintage inspired walk-in closet

1 Closet with Stairs

Via We Heart It

Now this is a closet that puts many dream closets to shame! I mean come on, there is a staircase leading into the closet!

2 Walk in Closet

Via For The Home

This may not be a gigantic master bedroom size closet but it has more space than you need and even a lounge area in the back!

3 Beautiful Walk in Closet

Via The Library

Gorgeous closet layout with the drawer/mirror table in the middle for the same purpose as that of a kitchen island.

4 3000 Square Feet Closet

Via Household

This closet is the size of an average person's whole house! Now this is a luxury that comes only with hard work and success.

5 Contemporary Dressing Room and Closet

Via Contemporary Dressing Room/Closet by Nate ...

Clean and organized closet with enough space to fit your every pair of shoes and every little accessory!

6 Custom Closet

Via Custom Closets

Absolutely in love with the soft colors and the elegance of this closet!

7 Big Contemporary Closet

Via My home one day...

Gorgeous and sleek closet with eccentric curves for a sitting area! Plus the dark color scheme is perfect for both her and him.

8 Chic Closets & Dressing Room

Via Photo Gallery: Chic Closets & ...

Very glamorous closet that closely resembles a high-end boutique that most of us would not be able to afford.

9 Huge Neutral Closet

Via 50 Interesting Ideas For Girls ...

Enormous and almost royal looking closet with more walking space than my room!

10 Glamorous Walk in Closet

Via Closet Dreams

Love the dark furniture that adds a little bit of edge, while the classy chandelier and the rose colored lounge area add all the glamour!

11 Two Story Closet

Via Walk-In Closet

Is this a Nordstrom section of the mall? Oh wait no, it's just a massive two story closet the size of a house!

12 Elegant White Walk-in Closet

Via Fifi Cheek: Nesting

Very soft and feminine walk-in closet with high ceiling and polished wooden floors! Plus the amount of storage is unbelievable.

13 Luscious Walk in Wardrobe

Via Luscious style: Boudoirs, walk-in wardrobes, ...

Stunning walk-in dressing room/closet with glass doors for easy viewing and a very comfortable lounge area for deliberating outfits!

14 Beauty and Fashion Dream Room

Via My Cup of Te: Bethenny ...

This is not just a closet but a whole beauty room dedicated to shoes, clothes, make up and accessorizing!

15 Master Walk-in Closet

Via HOUSE OF THE DAY: Actor ...

Now this is my cup of tea closet with a ridiculous amount of space and mirrors to give the illusion of even more space!

16 Mirrored Doors & Accessories Island

Via portfolio | marks and frantz

Gorgeous room with just enough space and storage to please every women's desires!

17 Dark Chocolate Walk-in Closet


A full length enormous mirror is a must in a walk-in closet and luckily this one has it, along with an adorable little circle chair and a stunning chandelier!

18 Color Coordinated Closet

Via All The Tools You Need ...

No closet looks right without any organization but in this case the organization is based on colors!

19 Modern Closet Set up

Via Random Inspiration #31 | Architecture, ...

Contemporary design with minimal detailing but still an impressive appearance.

20 Crispy White Walk-in Closet

Via {Post-College Glamster}

Very light and spacious closet with enough space for every little accessory and pair of shoes.

21 Royal Closet

Via Ooops! An error occurred.

This is definitely something out of a Princess movie, with very rich and opulent design. Oh boy, the things I would do for a closet like this!

22 Organized and Clean Dream Closet

Via Dream Closets & Organization Ideas

Very conservative in comparison to the previous closet design but still very classy and luxurious in comparison to an average person's closet.

23 Black and White Dream Closet

Via Vaatehuone Archives - Sivu 4/11 ...

Seems like a long corridor turned into a walk-in closet with black and white color scheme for very mature look.

24 Empty Walk-in Closet of Every Girl's Dream

Via dream home<33

Beautiful closet set-up with accessory island, glass doors, wide drawers and an extraneous amount of space! The only things that are missing are your belongings!

25 Glamorous Marble Dream Closet

Via David Phoenix's dream closet

Absolutely jaw-dropping interior closet design with marble floors, mirrored front, dressing table and several organizing cabinets!

26 Stunning Wood Walk-in Closet

Via Closet Storage Ideas

Awesome closet set up that uses every inch of vertical space for maximum storage, with an amazing arched window and a beautiful view!

27 Clean and Chic Walk-in Closet

Via South Shore Decorating Blog: Hello, ...

Chic and elegant walk-in closet with recessed lights and LED back lighting to make everything stand out!

28 Homey Dream Closet

Via &lsquo;Home Alone&rsquo; sweet home - ...

Now this is definitely a dream closet with a washer and dryer already incorporated, purse storage, shoe storage, and three full length mirrors!

29 Perfect Closet for Purse Lovers

Via Instagrin

Stunning closet with plenty of space for bag display, shoe storage and clothing..

30 Barbie Dream Closet

Via Life in the Barbie Dream ...

Several divided walk in areas for more space and comfortable lounge areas!

31 Black and Glam Closet

Via closet on Tumblr

Perfectly designed glam closet with everything and anything you would need.

32 Private / Walk-in Wardrobe

Via Villa Schrod / Direction

If I were to own this place, I wouldn't even mind sleeping in the closet!

33 Dream Closet Inspiration

Via Random Inspiration 117 | Architecture, ...

This dream closet has a very masculine feel to it, but it can definitely be turned into more feminine wardrobe area with a few soft touches.

34 Feminine and Practical Dream Closet

Via Homes I Love

Reasonably large closet space with a divan located right in the center as a luxurious touch!

35 Large Walk-in Closet with Great Lighting

Via 12 Steps to a Perfect ...

Seems like a place where couples don't have to fight over closet space!

36 Glam and Grand Closet Space

Via {décor inspiraton | at home ...

Now this is an area that can hold a large shoe collection without making it seem like clutter!

37 Bedroom Turned into a Walk-in Closet

Via Community Post: Your Dream Life ...

The size of this closet is the size of two of my rooms put together!

38 Black & White Closet Inspiration

Via Nordic cool

Definitely not a realistic closet appearance but very inspiring for display ideas!

39 Clean, Neat and Spotless

Via January Home Checklist

All white closet with a pure white carpet - very risky but yet very exquisite!

40 All Black Storage with a Few White Details

Via Stylish Closets

Stunning closet storage with only the white carpet and circle chair to bring light into the room.

41 Colorful Wood Dream Closet

Via Inspiration;*

Awesome and laid-back closet with lots of colors to add more life to the wood furniture.

42 Dark Color Scheme with Lots of Lights

Via Future Home Ideas

This is a gorgeous closet with a combination of warm and cool colors that gives off a very classy effect.

43 Tall Ceiling and Lots of Shoe Display

Via jacqueline

Perfect closet layout for ladies with an unhealthy shoe obsession!

44 Mirrored Dream Closet

Via 50 Interesting Ideas For Girls ...

Beautiful mirrored design with lots of space! You might actually need a map to find your way around this closet!

45 Fancy Walk-in Closet with Circular Lounge Area

Via Dream Home

This semicircular window couch is definitely something I will keep in mind when the time comes for me to design my own dream closet!

46 Beautifully Constructed All White Walk-in Closet


Usually cleaning out my closet is a chore, but if I were to have something like this every little trinket would have its place!

47 Huge Window and Glass Doors

Via Luxury Penthouse in Singapore, Designed ...

The glass doors give a very museum-type of display making the whole closet a lot more sophisticated in appearance, while the huge window brings in more light to the closet. However I am not sure how comfortable I would be changing with that type of window right there!

48 Tons of Space for Storage

Via la belle vie

All the storage of this closet is covered, so the whole room looks a lot more organized and clean. Plus the flower light fixtures and the center divan bring innocence and youth to the whole design!

49 An Easily-accessible Attic Turned into a Walk-in Closet

Via the home

Who needs an attic filled with clutter when you can use the space for a very intricate and spacious closet, that's very modern in design?

50 Compacted Walk-in Closet

Via Classic & Current

What's lovely about this closet is that it doesn't waste any space in the room. The area right at the window is turned into a lounge area while all the other wall spaces are filled with gorgeous and chic storage set ups.

51 Striped Walk-in Closet

Via fashion and outfits

Very clean and sophisticated closet with open storage for easy access.

52 Vintage Inspired Walk-in Closet

Via Dream Closets

Exquisite and lavish storage set up with beautiful accent pieces such as the center chandelier and the detailed mirror!

Big walk-in closets with tons of clothes, accessories, shoes and bags is something every girl would kill for! I mean who wouldn't love to live the life of a princess? So if you were to build a dream closet of your own, which closet would it resemble the most?

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