Look Kendall Jenner Fab with These 7 Tips for Girls Who Love Her Style ...


Any fan of Kendall Jenner's will be quick to notice and admire her amazing approach to fashion 👚 and trends! Keep reading 📙 to grab some of her very own 🈶 choices and don't be afraid 😨 to step outside of your comfort 👟 zone and take 🎬 fashion 👔 risks! ❤️ 👠

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Bold Printed Mini Skirt

clothing, footwear, snapshot, black and white, polka dot, Spice up 👆 any ordinary outfit with a fun and bold printed mini skirt! Choose an A-line or bodycon style if you're a fan of the fitted and flattering look 💇 or opt for skater or shift if you like 👍 skirts that tend to be more forgiving, flexible and easy to move 🆙 in!


Versatile Black Handbag

clothing, footwear, sneakers, leather, thigh, There's a very good 👍 reason why everyone loves ❤️ a good 👍 quality, black handbag! Not only are they super versatile and can be paired with absolutely any outfit and still look 💇 great, but they always look 💇 so chic, smart 👔 and sophisticated! Plus, black never goes out of style right?


Plunge Neckline Long Sleeved Top

clothing, footwear, hairstyle, shoe, sunglasses, Have a special occasion 🎉 planned but you're not sure what to wear? A plunge neckline top 🔝 is the perfect 👌 choice for anyone who feels super confident in their skin and if you're feeling really daring, opt for a bold pattern 💠 or print such as monochromatic stripes! Long sleeved tops create the perfect 👌 balance against the plunge neckline, which is always a good 👍 tip to remember!


Simple LBD

clothing, dress, little black dress, cocktail 🍸 dress, fashion, Has anyone ever gone wrong with wearing a LBD? Of course not! LBD's are pretty much a miracle 🌠 outfit: they're so super simple and easy to wear 👖 while totally making a fashion 👚 statement! It's only right ☑️ that every girl 👧🏻 should have at least one 1️⃣ much loved ❤️ LBD hanging up 👆 in her wardrobe!


Smart, Fitted Jumpsuit

clothing, black and white, hairstyle, leather, footwear, A jumpsuit is always the way to go if you're a taller girl 💁 who want to wear 👖 something smart, classy 👔 and sophisticated. Opt for a style that has a tie 👔 or belt around the waist (specifically the removable kind) so can be made fitted if that's the look 💇 you're going 🆙 for or left 👈 loose if you want to go without!


Modest Midi Skirt

clothing, blouse, footwear, thigh, photo shoot, It's totally understandable that not everyone will feel super comfortable 👟 wearing a mini skirt, so why not opt for a modest midi skirt which will cover 📙 more of you (and any areas you might not want others to notice) but still give you a totally amazing figure?!


Matching Pieces

clothing, color, red, footwear, jeans, Sometimes we might not feel daring enough to try paring matching pieces together, but if Kendall Jenner can do it so can we! Choose a smart 👔 blazer and pants 👖 in the exact same shade and pair 2️⃣ these with a natural tone such as black, white ⛄ or grey for a great 👌 contrast and perfect 👌 balance!

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