25 Gorgeous Ways to Wear the Peplum Top This Spring ...


Do you still love the peplum top trend or are you just now working up the courage to try one on for yourself? No matter where you are in your love for peplum tops, I'm sure that you'll find some gorgeous fashion inspiration for your peplum top looks on this list!

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Get a Little Sparkly

clothing,thigh,leg,footwear,dress, Source: How to Wear Peplum: Featuring
Pairing a simple black peplum top with a glittery mini skirt is the perfect way to dress up any simple peplum top you own!


Be Simple with a Pop

clothing,outerwear,tights,footwear,leg, Source: As Good As It Gets
Not only does the yellow blazer help provide a little pop, but so does the pop of the peplum top!


Pairing a bold primary color like yellow with a feminine peplum top can breathe new life into your spring wardrobe. The structure of the blazer sharpens the playful flounce of the peplum, creating a sophisticated yet fun ensemble. If you're aiming for a look that's both chic and eye-catching, this combination does the trick. Accessorize with neutral heels and minimalist jewelry to keep the focus on that gorgeous pop of color. Embrace the simplicity of the outfit, allowing the pops of detail to stand out and make their statement. This is perfect for a day at the office or a brunch with friends.


All Black Everything

clothing,footwear,sleeve,tights,trousers, Source: Do's and Don'ts of European
If you're a girl who loves to wear all black but also wants to get into the peplum trend, there's really no other look that could compare to this chic outfit!


Embracing the monochromatic style not only exudes confidence but also creates a sleek, streamlined silhouette that's effortlessly sophisticated. The noir ensemble plays well with textures; think a lace peplum top paired with some leather-look leggings or a high-waist midi skirt for a balance of femininity and edge. Accentuate your figure by cinching at the waist and finish it off with some bold statement jewelry or a pop of color with your clutch or heels for that unexpected twist. Whether you're heading to a chic café or an art gallery opening, this trend acknowledges that black is, indeed, the new black.


DIY Peplum Top

clothing,sleeve,jeans,outerwear,footwear, Source: Community Post: 29 Ways To
Do you want to wear a peplum top but don't own any? Make your own with an old t-shirt!


The peplum top has become a popular fashion trend for its flattering silhouette and versatility. However, buying a new one can be expensive. That's where DIY projects come in handy. With just an old t-shirt and a few simple steps, you can create your own peplum top and save money. This trend is perfect for spring, as it can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Plus, by repurposing an old t-shirt, you're also being environmentally friendly. So why not give it a try and add a unique peplum top to your wardrobe this season?


Purple Drama

color,clothing,lady,photography,girl, Source: Tibi Plum Peplum Top •
Obviously the deep purple color is so beautiful for spring, especially when paired with the small necklace, but what really makes this top is just how dramatic the peplum effect is. It adds such a sophisticated touch.


Coral Peplum Top

pink,clothing,toddler,dress,spring, Source: Outfit Roundup
This coral peplum top is perfect for spring, and I love how she dressed it up with this huge statement necklace.


Pastels and Peplum

clothing,lady,beauty,dress,fashion, Source: birdie to be: Friday's Fancies
Do you have a white peplum top that you've run out of ideas for? This spring, try wearing it with a pair of colored pants, specifically something pastel, and a statement necklace!


White Peplum Top

clothing,dress,pink,lady,beauty, Source: 20 Gorgeous Jewelry and Outfit
White peplum tops are pretty common, but this peplum effect is so slight that I think it's so different than the usual look.



clothing,sleeve,leg,thigh,fashion, Source: Off-Shoulder Neckline White - Top
If you're a girl that's into neutrals, this is definitely the peplum top outfit for you!


Coral Loose Top

clothing,red,outerwear,footwear,pattern, Source: Life with Emily | a
Not only is this coral color perfect for spring, but the looser fit is more relaxed and casual for a beautiful spring look!


Graphic Tee Peplum

clothing,dress,leg,cocktail dress,photo shoot, Source: Boat People Boutique
This look almost looks as though it's a DIY from an old graphic tee, which is great if your style is gruniger, especially when paired with this gorgeous acid wash skirt.


All about the Color

clothing,footwear,dress,tights,spring, Source: Fashion Indie
Spring is all about the color, but if that's not really your thing, wear a more neutral outfit with a bright pair of heels like in this look!


Bright on Bright

clothing,pink,leg,fashion,spring, Source: From My Closet: 12 Easter
This look has so many bright colors that it might be a little out of your comfort zone, but I think that it just screams spring!


Dramatic Prints

color,pink,clothing,dress,beauty, Source: Atlantic-Pacific: hello again
This top is so detailed that it looks like it could be a dress if it were just a few inches longer! It's perfect for any special occasion.


Peter Pan Collar Peplum Top

clothing,sleeve,t shirt,neck,blouse, Source: Peter Pan Collar Peplum Top
Not only is this blush color so subtle and pretty for spring, but the Peter Pan collar is a spring staple that you don't often see paired with peplum tops!


Baby Pink Peplum Top

clothing,footwear,leg,fashion,spring, Source: popsu.gr
This shade of pink is absolutely stunning, especially when paired with white pants and neutral accessories like her purse.


Mint Cut-out

clothing,lady,thigh,footwear,leg, Source: louboutinboots.at.nr
As we start to transition from spring to summer, wear this mint peplum top with a little cut-out surprise. It's perfect for any event you're going to this spring!


Glam Peplum Top

clothing,sleeve,brown,blouse,t shirt, Source: Tops | WOMEN | Forever
This glittery peplum top is such a fun statement to make in the spring months!


Big Polka Dots

clothing,outerwear,footwear,sleeve,spring, Source: The Sweetest Thing
For some reason, smaller polka dots get all of the love, especially in the spring. This bigger polka dot look is so beautiful that it's inspired me to find something similar!


Looser Peplum

white,clothing,sleeve,outerwear,supermodel, Source: Victorian Secret Blouse - Black
If you're not ready to fully transition into a peplum top just yet, try this shirt on for size. (Literally!) The looser peplum is a less drastic change and will help you get used to the look.


Spring Transition

clothing,footwear,leg,fashion,spring, Source: popsu.gr
The tie around the waist of this peplum top makes it a really easy look to pull off no matter your body type.


DIY Peplum Top for Curvy Girls

clothing,sleeve,dress,blouse,pattern, Source: how to make a peplum
If the typical DIY peplum top doesn't really work on your curvy figure, try this simple DIY instead!


Hot Pink Lace

clothing,pink,footwear,jeans,magenta, Source: Tops | Tops Online
This beautiful hot pink shirt is so pretty for spring!


Different DIY Peplum

clothing,footwear,tights,outerwear,fashion, Source: threadbare: DIY Peplum Top
If the other DIY peplum top isn't really your thing, (there's a lot of sewing involved) try this quick and much less permanent DIY instead!


Simple Peplum Look

clothing,jeans,denim,footwear,outerwear, Source: Fashion Bananas
A lot of the time, people stay away from wearing peplum tops with jeans because they're not as casual as jeans. Forgo that and wear your peplum top with your favorite pair of jeans!

What is your favorite peplum top look? Let me know in the comments!

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What about peplum dresses?

They're my utmost favourite style for the season!

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Prefer a peplum dress instead. Don't like the tops though

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