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Despite popular belief, it doesn't matter what shape or size you are; the crop top works on all body types! When it comes to fashion "faux pas", I've been told to avoid so many styles that I absolutely adore just because I'm on the curvier side (and have no shame admitting that I have a belly to match). Well, I think that's not true at all! As a woman and fashion junkie, I definitely feel that as long as you know what fabrics, prints and outlines compliment your sexy shape and have the confidence to match, you can pull off any look that you want. Here's how you can rock the sultry and chic crop top look like a total fashion BOSS.

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Tie-Waist and Sexy Denim

jeans,clothing,denim,footwear,season, Source: nadia aboulhosn: two-tone


Sultry Ombre and Lace

dress,clothing,woman,lady,beauty, Source: 55+ Fall Outfit Ideas


Flirty Maxi Skirt

clothing,dress,pattern,spring,design, Source: Five Chic Ways to Wear


Fitted Crop with Artsy Midi Skirt

clothing,dress,pattern,fashion,spring, Source: Midi Love: Blogger Edition


Casual Tee with High Waisted Shorts

clothing,blue,leg,thigh,beauty, Source: Beautiful Clothes Photo Tag


Fierce Prints

clothing,footwear,shorts,fashion,dress, Source: Womens clothing



hair,clothing,blue,photography,beauty, Source: Foolproof Ways to Wear a


Glitz and Glamour

clothing,footwear,leg,thigh,dress, Source: Black Sparkle – Living In


Sweater Top with an Edgy a-Line Skirt

clothing,woman,person,dress,lady, Source: An entry from Black &


Slimming Aztec Body Con

clothing,beauty,footwear,dress,fashion, Source: Young Black and Vegan


Flowy Sleeves

clothing,fashion,spring,dress,fashion show, Source:


Alluring White Top

clothing,lady,long hair,leg,costume, Source: 40 Trendy Long Skirt Ideas


Silky Blush and Black

white,clothing,dress,woman,fashion, Source: GIRL WITH CURVES


Classy and Chic

white,black,clothing,beauty,fashion, Source: Gabifresh


Sexy Cutouts

hair,clothing,blond,undergarment,active undergarment, Source: Blouse: black cage top cropped


Nice and Comfy Sleeves

clothing,sleeve,pink,pattern,blouse, Source: 40 Dynamic Crop Top Outfits


Dreamy Silhouette

hair,clothing,image,photography,human positions, Source: Meet the 14 Fiercest Plus-Size


Cute Loose Fitting Tee

red,footwear,hairstyle,leg,spring, Source: A Thick Girl's Closet



white,black,clothing,footwear,denim, Source:


Stripes on Stripes

white,clothing,sleeve,t shirt,dress, Source: Tuesday Ten: August Style Tips


Beach Ready

clothing,hairstyle,supermodel,thigh,leg, Source: BEACH SAND WHITE LACE SHORTS


So Chill

clothing,dress,sleeve,gown,cocktail dress, Source: First Look: Zelie for She


The Bustier

dress,clothing,day dress,gown,wedding dress, Source: How to Wear a Maxi


Two-Piece Set

clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,swimwear, Source: Wave Stripes Backless Halterneck Crop


All About the Tulle

dress,clothing,pink,wedding dress,cocktail dress, Source: 40 Dynamic Crop Top Outfits


Neutral Top and Printed Shorts

hair,clothing,lady,beauty,girl, Source: 20 Style Tips On How


Très Vogue

clothing,dress,fashion,pattern,spring, Source: 6 Upcycle Projects from A


Sweet Pastels

clothing,dress,pattern,footwear,fashion, Source: 40 Dynamic Crop Top Outfits


Gym Ready

hair,clothing,hairstyle,thigh,fashion, Source: Just Run
Which looks can't you get enough of? Let us know in the comments below!

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These are all so cute

So cute! Love crop tops and can't wait for summer to start so I can wear em! Great article! And if you are comfortable with your body, you can pull off any article of clothing. People will like it because your confident, even if you aren't stick thin!

Have to agree with Lindsay..

If you don't like them don't wear them, the rest of us will :)

Crop tops look equally awful on everyone. I hope this trend goes away soon. Yuck.

The woman in #1 looks stunning!

Stop the madness

What's beautiful is different for everyone. Some women love being big. Some men love big women. We need to stop being mean to each other!

I agree not convinced, crop tops are not for everyone

#17 was Thick.... Lol all I have to say

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