10 Essential French Fashion Rules to Follow if You Want Style ...


10 Essential French Fashion Rules to Follow if You Want Style ...
10 Essential French Fashion Rules to Follow if You Want Style ...

If I were to ask you which nation is the most stylish in the world, France would be right up there at the top of the list! Both French men and French women tend to exude this natural, effortless kind of style that is envied and replicated the world over, and the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to have French blood running through your veins in order to achieve that style for yourself! Here are the ten essential French fashion rules to follow if you want that exquisite style!

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You should look towards your mother as your ultimate style icon; that is what most French women do! She looks fab all of the time, so why wouldn’t you want to take tips and inspiration from her? Also, she gives you a good indication of what you are going to look like in a few decades!



Whenever the weather permits, you should be getting those legs out for everyone to see! A woman’s legs are one her best assets, not just in terms of looking attractive, but in terms of wearing clothes well and achieving killer looks.


Sensible Heels

Only wear high heels that you can actually walk in, because if you pick a pair that are too much for you, you will look good sitting down but it’s no good if you can’t walk from A to B! You’ll spend so much time trying to stay on your feet that your style will go out the window.



Tailoring is super important if you want to achieve a sophisticated French style. Having clothing that really fits you well can add so much elegance and maturity.


Defined Waist

Try to make sure that you subtly define your waist at all times, no matter what kind of outfit you are wearing. It’s really important that you give yourself that feminine shape that exudes French chicness.



Never be afraid to wear something flirty. Your choice of clothing doesn’t have to be about what you want other people do think, it can also be about how you are feeling in yourself, and expressing your sassiness.



Always invest in a few stellar pieces of outerwear that can pair with multiple different outfits. It is almost like having a signature coat or jacket that acts as your piece de resistance!



If you are someone who likes to wear a lot of accessories, make sure to pare down your outfits and make them more simple so that the overall effect doesn’t look too over the top.


Holiday Clothes

Don’t be afraid to wear your holiday clothes all year round if the weather permits! French women have far too much style to have their wardrobes be dictated by seasonal rules!



And lastly, you need to be nonchalant at all times! Master that attitude of looking great but looking like you only took three seconds to put your outfit together!

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