10 Fashion Tips to Hide a Tummy ...

By Sophia

Fashion tips to hide a tummy mainly focus on the fit and feel of clothing. Whether you’re just feeling bloated or carrying bit of extra weight around your stomach, there are plenty of easy solutions to help conceal problem areas. From wrap dresses to peplum tops, there are a variety of ways for you to hide that bit of tummy bulge. The following are just a few fashion tips to help hide a tummy.

1 Embrace the Wrap

You’d think that wrap dresses are the miracle workers of the fashion world. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen them touted as solutions to dressing problems. When it comes to fashion tips to hide a tummy, the wrap dress fits and flatters in all the right places!

2 Pop on a Blazer

Tailored clothing works wonders when creating a streamlined silhouette. Try popping on a fitted blazer to conceal any tummy bulge. The trick here is to stick to tailored, fitted blazers instead of slouchy or oversized styles.

3 Wear Dark Colours

This fashion tip to hide a tummy kind of works along that whole ‘darker colours are slimming’ route. While that may be debatable, what I do know is that brighter and lighter colours draw attention so wearing a bright colour on your stomach might not be the best idea if you want to conceal it.

4 Wear Peplum

Peplum silhouettes are quite popular right now and they can also be quite helpful in concealing a stomach. The key is to try on the peplum styles first to make sure that they drape and flatter your figure in all the right places.

5 Stick to Higher Waists

Low-rise pants can lead to bulging around your waist which can look unflattering. When looking at fashion tips to hide a tummy, stick to mid-rise or high-waisted pants and jeans that will help ‘suck in’ your stomach.

6 Wear Well Fitting Clothing

This tip may seem counter productive but hear me out! Hiding a tummy under billowing or oversized clothing can actually end up exaggerating it. Wearing fitted clothing with a bit of structure can help create a more streamlined appearance.

7 Avoid Bulk

When looking at fashion tips to hide a tummy, avoid clothing that is especially bulky in this area. Steer clear of clothing with any excessive embellishments or pocket details around the stomach area.

8 Rethink That Belt

Think that waist belt is a good idea? Think again! Accessories like belts can add unnecessary bulk and bulge and draw attention to your stomach area, which is exactly what we want to avoid!

9 Avoid Clingy Fabrics

Clingy fabrics can accentuate any problem areas like the stomach. Stick to thicker or more structured fabrics and make sure that the clothing skims your problem areas rather than stick to it.

10 Wear Shape Wear

So shape wear isn’t the sexiest of garments, but it can do wonders in concealing and flattening your stomach area. Shape wear is perfect for creating a streamlined base to wear the rest of your clothes on.

If you’re looking at concealing any tummy bulge or bloating, these fashion tips to hide a tummy should hopefully do the trick. It’s all about being thoughtful with your clothing choices. What’s your best fashion tip to hide a tummy?

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