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7 Fancy Feather Accessories ...

By Jennifer

Feather Accessories are incredibly hot this season, and they’re in all of my favorite shops, including ModCloth. I love all of the rings and necklaces, and all of the other feather accessories, don’t you? Here are the ones that top my wish list right now… these are 7 fancy feather accessories.

Table of contents:

  1. One eye on the pea-clock ring
  2. Cross your feathers ring
  3. Downpour necklace
  4. California charm necklace
  5. Pronto pizzazz belt
  6. Fossil flair necklace
  7. Goddess rising necklace

1 One Eye on the Pea-clock Ring

Price: $11.99 at
Feather accessories can extend to jewelry, you know -- just look at this piece. Add the elegance and color of brilliant green and blue peacock feathers to any of your work-week or weekend outfits with this gorgeous cocktail ring! It’s silver-tone, so it’s easy to match to your other jewelry, and the peacock feather graphic is gorgeous!

2 Cross Your Feathers Ring

Price: $9.99 at
If crossing your fingers is good luck, imagine the fashionable good fortune this ring, with crossed feathers, will bring! It’s lead-free silver, ideal for stacking or wearing on its own. It measures at a size 7, sure to fit almost any hand.

3 Downpour Necklace

Price: $16.99 at
I just love feather accessories like this. Add a little southwest or Native American flair to your wardrobe with this gorgeous feather-trimmed necklace. The feathers are black and sleek, and they dangle prettily from a gold-tone chain studded with matching medallions. Wear it with skinny jeans, ankle booties, and a plain tee, or with a maxi dress and flats.

4 California Charm Necklace

Price: $15.99 at
Make this gorgeous earth-tone necklace the centerpiece of any relaxed west-coast outfit this summer, and enjoy the envious glances from all the other girls! I love that the feathers play so well against the polished faux stones… Dress it up or dress it down, either way, you win!

5 Pronto Pizzazz Belt

Price: $17.99 at
What better way to cinch your tiny waist than with this gorgeous peacock feather belt? It add definition to a maxi dress, mini skirt, or tunic, and adds an unexpected but entirely welcome pop of color to a monochrome outfit. Feather accessories that show your originality are always great, and this one definitely fits the bill.

6 Fossil Flair Necklace

Price: $19.99 at
Finish any outfit (especially one with a vee-neck blouse) with this museum-quality necklace. It features two delicate faux feathers, done in silver-tone metal and highlighted with glittering rhinestones. It’s eye-catching, to be sure, so be prepared to gracefully accept compliments on it!

7 Goddess Rising Necklace

Price: $29.99 at
Granted, this gorgeous feather accessory is longer than most other necklaces in your collection, but it’s also long on style. Each tiny gold-tone chain on this pendant ends with a pretty faux feather, adding movement and elegance to a tunic and leggings or a maxi dress and cardigan. Gorgeous! This is one of my favorite feather accessories, because it looks so elegant and antique.

With so many fancy feather accessories to choose from, and so many ways to wear them this fall, how will you ever choose just one? Feather accessories are so popular, and they're getting increasingly original, so you can easily express your individuality with them. I especially love the feather belt, and the rings are so cute! Which of these feather accessories do you like best, and how would you wear it? Please share!

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