6 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces from Barbara Michelle Jacobs ...


6 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces from Barbara Michelle Jacobs ...
6 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces from Barbara Michelle Jacobs ...

Barbara Michelle Jacobs**Etsy shop** is filled with jewelry that is Eco-friendly, socially responsible, and inspired by nature. I was excited to see that I won her pretty peridot braceletfrom the giveaway she hosted on my friend Diana's blog Express-O and couldn't wait to show it off! Nature inspires me every day when I look out the window and see the beautiful trees in my yard and the colorful birds that fly from branch to branch. Do you have jewelry pieces that are inspired by things you love? Perhaps you will find inspiration in these 6 Gorgeous Jewelry Pieces from Barbara Michelle Jacobs's collection...

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Funky Flower Cocktail Ring...

Funky Flower Cocktail Ring... Price: $760.00 @ Etsy/shop/BMJNYC

Jewelry made to look like twigs, flowers, beach seeds, and leaf weeds make up most of Barbara's shop but they are more than just simple pieces. Take a look at this fun and funky flower cocktail ring; it's not your average cute flower a little girl would wear, and that's what I love about it! It's bold, fresh, and exciting. Do you have a special event you would wear this funky ring to?


Twig Hoop Earrings...

Twig Hoop Earrings... Price: $148.00 @ Etsy/shop/BMJNYC

Why wear just any pair of silver hoop earrings when you can wear these beautiful 100% recycled silver earrings that have been molded from real Central Park foliage! The jewelry pieces from BMJ aren't just inspired by nature but some of them are actually from nature. Yet another creative and original Etsy shopthat I love!


Emerald City Ring...

Emerald City Ring... Price: $1,580 @ Etsy/shop/bmjnyc

Inspired by Dorothy and Wizard of Oz, this gorgeous "Emerald City" ring will have you singing "We're off to see the Wizard" too! The stunning green color of the Emerald stone catches the eye so easily that you'll be sure to impress everyone with this beauty as your engagement ring. Did your fiance pop the question with a colorful ring like this one?

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Twig Tear Drop Earrings...

Twig Tear Drop Earrings... Price: $240.00 @ Etsy/shop/bmjnyc

Who knew that twigs could be so lovely? The jewelry from BMJreally makes you wonder what other interesting elements could be turned into wearable fashion! I love the natural, rustic look of the twigs paired with the pretty lemon quartz posts, such a beautiful contrast in materials.


Twig Wedding Band Set...

Twig Wedding Band Set... Price: $1,050 @ Etsy/shop/bmjnyc

Many brides and grooms today are very conscious about being Eco-friendlywith their big day. For them every detail including the rings is important to be green and help the planet. With these unique bands from BMJ, that can be set in 18k reclaimed white, yellow, or rose gold, the happy couple can be sure their rings match and are eco-friendly.


Peridot Sterling Silver Bracelet...

Peridot Sterling Silver Bracelet... Price: $126.00 @ Etsy/shop/bmjnyc

When I saw this pretty bracelet on Diana's blog Express-O I just fell in love with the little twig accent piece and thought what a unique idea. But I had no idea that it was an actually twig from Central park that was cast in silver, how cool is that! Now I will always have a little piece of NYCwith me and who wouldn't want that. Thank you to Diana and Barbarafor this great giveaway I won!

Have you found jewelry pieces that have been made from nature?

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These are all amazing pieces! That cocktail ring is incredible! But, I want that emerald ring! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! XO

Love that flower cocktail ring too - it's incredible, so very fun!

I LOVE the funky flower cocktail ring! So pretty!

I am loving the Funky Flower Cocktail Ring - so cool!! :)

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