8 Inspiring Fashion Accessories from Pinterest.com ...

By Sophia

8 Inspiring Fashion Accessories from Pinterest.com ...

Fashion Accessories are a vital part of any outfit. No matter what your personal style or fashion tastes, accessories can make or break your outfit. From jewellery to handbags, there are a wide range of fashion accessories available. Sourcing inspiration for your wardrobe, however, is a different matter. There’s just so much inspiration out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Below are a few fashion accessories sourced from Pinterest.com to inspire your new season wardrobe choices.

Table of contents:

  1. chunky rings
  2. boho beaded bag
  3. stacked bangles
  4. baby blue shoes
  5. the statement necklace
  6. coloured clutch bag
  7. bold patterned sunglasses
  8. the glamorous hat

1 Chunky Rings

Chunky rings have long been a favourite of mine. This look is still a popular one and shoes no signs of losing favour. Raw crystal rings alternated with long metal rings are great for creating an eclectic look. For added depth, try stacking thinner rings on a single finger.

2 Boho Beaded Bag

Add a fun twist to your outfit with a colourful beaded bag. The fluoro pink tassels on this bag provide a playful contrast to the intricate beaded body. These kinds of fashion accessories are great for creating a colour-clashed outfit.

3 Stacked Bangles

Stacked bangles are an instant outfit updater. Mix and match different styles of bangles to create a vibrant, eclectic look. This particular example of the stacked bangles look is great for complementing an on-trend tribal inspired outfit.

4 Baby Blue Shoes

Keep the pastel trend going this season with some baby blue footwear. It’s an unexpected colour choice but one that can really uplift an outfit. These ballet flats can easily be incorporated into a range of outfits. Light blue lace up shoes would also work well in this colourway.

5 The Statement Necklace

A funky statement necklace makes a great focal point for any outfit. This season go for necklaces with different textural elements. This style of necklace is great for dressing up a fairly basic outfit and can easily take you from day to night.

6 Coloured Clutch Bag

A colourful clutch is a must have accessory this season. A simple zip top clutch in an eye-popping colour is the perfect complement to a colour-blocked outfit. Use it as a stand alone bag, or to keep your fragile items stored safely inside a larger handbag.

7 Bold Patterned Sunglasses

This season, look for sunglasses in standout colours and patterns. These sunglasses are a contemporary take on the timeless tortoiseshell pattern. The colours are brighter, the pattern is bolder, and the overall effect is much more modern.

8 The Glamorous Hat

Light up a dreary winter’s day with a fabulously colourful hat. The felt fedora is a popular choice this season so choose one in a bright red or burnt orange shade. This look is one that translates easily from the runway to the real way and can be obtained on a budget.

Whether you’re looking for statement-making fashion accessories or something more refined, you can’t go past Pinterest for inspiration. These accessory ideas should hopefully have you excited to start styling your new season outfits. What fashion accessories do you find most inspiring?

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