7 Fashion Cheats and Tips for Short Girls to Appear Taller ...

Being short is not a bad thing whatsoever, but there are some tips for short girls to appear taller. One of the most important things in life is learning to work with what you have. Your goal is to enhance your look and work with different clothing and styles in order to feel and look great. I am petite myself and have learned some different tricks and tips for short girls to appear taller!

1. High Waisted

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The best tip from all the tips for short girls to appear taller is to go high waisted. A high waisted skirt, shorts, or pants will elongate your legs to your advantage. Try tucking in a blouse or shirt and see how beautiful this looks! If you don’t like tucking in completely, try tucking in just the front so that you appear taller in the front and have the shirt hanging in the back. This works great with high waisted jeans and is my go-to look!

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