7 Fashion Cheats and Tips for Short Girls to Appear Taller ...


Being short is not a bad thing whatsoever, but there are some tips for short girls to appear taller. One of the most important things in life is learning to work with what you have. Your goal is to enhance your look and work with different clothing and styles in order to feel and look great. I am petite myself and have learned some different tricks and tips for short girls to appear taller!

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High Waisted

High Waisted The best tip from all the tips for short girls to appear taller is to go high waisted. A high waisted skirt, shorts, or pants will elongate your legs to your advantage. Try tucking in a blouse or shirt and see how beautiful this looks! If you don’t like tucking in completely, try tucking in just the front so that you appear taller in the front and have the shirt hanging in the back. This works great with high waisted jeans and is my go-to look!



Platforms My next tip is to rock the platform. Make sure you know the difference between platform heels and pumps that have no extra heel. The point of platform heels is to add a couple of inches while providing you less of an arch and struggle. You can get wedges or booties in this style and high boots, as well. This will be comfortable and definitely make you appear taller!


Color Blend

Color Blend Color blending is another quick way to appear taller. This means that by matching your heel color to your long pant or jean, your leg will appear longer. If you are wearing black jeans or leather pants, try some black platform heels or even a black high heel, knee-high boot! Also, avoid any boots that reach up to your shin. This will make you look shorter!



Maxi Another way to appear taller is to rock the maxi dress. This is the biggest advantage for a few reasons. Not only do maxi dresses look great on short girls, but they are so beautiful and so easy to throw on. They also look fabulous with a flat sandal, flip flops or flats. I love maxi dresses and long skirts – so easy and great for the ultimate comfort!



Crop Try pairing your high waisted skirt or shorts with a crop top. This will make your torso appear shorter which will elongate your legs, especially with high waisted bottoms. However, do make sure your cropped top is not too far split from your bottoms! There are many beautiful crop tops out there!



Heel The best way to gain some height and appear taller is by, of course, wearing heels. Every petite girl needs a good pair of comfortable wedges in her closet. This is such an easy way to appear taller while keeping an outfit casual. At night time, wear a more classic heel with a platform. Like I said before, you can try boots in the form of platforms, as well!


Too Much Fabric

Too Much Fabric As a short, petite girl, try to avoid too much fabric. Anything to thick or baggy will not complement you! Try to go for things that aren’t too heavy or long. If you do, try to work around it and tuck it in.

The most important tip for short girls to appear taller is to work with what you have. Find different ways to work with your body type and other outfits and pieces of clothing. There is nothing wrong with being a petite girl – embrace it! Do you wear anything that makes you feel taller?

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I love high waisted but don't think can pull off maxi cause I'm a petite girl

Not sure what you define short as but I am 5'3" and there is NO WAY I can wear a maxi skirt!!! It puddles all over the floor making me look rediculous!

I'm 5'0 or 153cm. I wear maxi skirts as maxi dresses. I wear a belt with them to dress it up.

Loved this, it was extremely helpful! I'm 5"2

OMG this totally helped

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