15 Fantastic Fashion Tips for Tall Girls ...

As a pretty tall lady, I am always on the lookout for clothes that fit and fashion tips for tall girls that I can use. If you consider yourself pretty tall, too: raise your stiletto in the air! (You will see why later.) As a tallish (5’10”) woman, I encounter loads of questions and opinions about my height and weight, and clothing options – among other things. One of those many assumptions suggests that finding clothes to fit my frame is easy. Hmmm... Yes and no, not really. Finding clothes that accommodate both my height and size is sometimes tricky. As with any size, it takes time to learn what works best for you without making you look like you raided a children's store. If you need a little direction, I offer you a few fashion tips for tall girls to help you embrace your inches and rock your height…with style!

1. Shop Variety

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One of the best fashion tips for tall girls is also the most obvious and easiest to tackle: hit up the tall section whenever possible. Many stores offer longer size options throughout their aisles. It is a great feeling when you can find your size without fishing around in the hidden outer reaches of the store. Another option to consider is a visit to the men's section. Now, hear me out: the inseam lengths we need are often easily found in that section. If the women's section is severely size-limited and you do not have access to a specialty shop, then give the men's section a try. In a pinch you will find skinny jeans that are long enough or a sweater with sleeves that fit just right. A third option is online shopping at any of the numerous tall lady e-stores like longtallsally.com (LOVE that site) or tallgirls.co.uk.

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