Fashion Dos: 7 Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Winter ...

Vegans and animal lovers, this one is definitely for you; if you've been trying to figure out how to stay warm this season while still looking très chic, knowing how to rock faux fur can seriously come in handy. There's a reason why the fun fur (wink wink) trend has been around for so long and keeps making an appearance on the runway. With its incredibly soft feel but totally trendy look, it's no wonder that it's a fashion must-have. That being said, if you're really serious about rocking faux fur (after making sure that no animals were hurt in the process), these styles just scratch the surface.

1. Collars

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When it comes to faux fur pieces, collars are definitely one of the top choices because of just how easy to remove they are. More importantly, faux fur collars are a great way to accessorize a casual look. Trust me when I say that it'll kick things up a notch on your next dinner date!

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