Fashion Dos 7 Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Winter ...


Fashion Dos 7 Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Winter ...
Fashion Dos 7 Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Winter ...

Vegans and animal lovers, this one is definitely for you; if you've been trying to figure out how to stay warm this season while still looking très chic, knowing how to rock faux fur can seriously come in handy. There's a reason why the fun fur (wink wink) trend has been around for so long and keeps making an appearance on the runway. With its incredibly soft feel but totally trendy look, it's no wonder that it's a fashion must-have. That being said, if you're really serious about rocking faux fur (after making sure that no animals were hurt in the process), these styles just scratch the surface.

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Collars When it comes to faux fur pieces, collars are definitely one of the top choices because of just how easy to remove they are. More importantly, faux fur collars are a great way to accessorize a casual look. Trust me when I say that it'll kick things up a notch on your next dinner date!



Scarves When it comes to rocking this modern trend, you can't go wrong with scarves. Not only will it make your outfit look super edgy, it'll also make it look classy at the same time. I'd say that this go-to winter staple is perfect for all occasions.



Coats Fashionistas, the adage "If it's not broken, don't fix it" absolutely applies to faux fur coats! Try wearing a bold leopard coat over a monochrome outfit for an even sexier look. Not only will the faux fur lining keep you warm, it will buy you more time to hang out at the ice skating rinks with your girls and check out that cute guy on the ice!



Vests If I had to choose, I would say that a vest is one of the top items that every single woman should have in her closet. If you know it's going to be cold outside but don't want to fully commit to wearing a full coat, this trendy and timeless piece is your best bet. Style inspiration Kendall Jenner definitely did this trend justice when she wore a blush colored vest from Topshop while out and about.



Stoles There's no better time to try on a stole than during this chilly season. Similar in style to a scarf, the stole can be wrapped around your shoulders for extra warmth. Don't be afraid to make a fashion statement like the trendsetter that you are.



Capelets One of my favorite things about capelets is the fact that wearing one can make you feel like royalty. Can you imagine how fierce a dark capelet would look when paired with a waist defining A-line dress in a bold color? If dresses aren't your M.O., you can even wear it with slim fitting trousers for a well put together look.



Hats Why stress about not having enough time to get your hair done when you can just throw on one of these statement pieces? The best part is that they can be worn by anyone, regardless of their age.

Overall, I love the fact that winter gives me a chance to experiment so many diverse styes. Which one of these faux fur must-haves do you own? Are there any that you're looking forward to adding to your closet?

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Please check your fux fur. Recently people have been recieving real fur or a fux/real fur blend.

Honestly are there any other ways to wear fur?

I know if I had payed for faux fur and got real I'd be buzzing!!

Lol! Where is that happening?? I wish it would happen to me :D @

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