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4 Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans in the Fall ...

By Diana

We love our summer clothes and hate the thought of putting them away until next year when the fall and winter seasons have gone. But perhaps that doesn't have to be the case, could there be a way to still wear those cute summer clothes and mix and match them with our fall clothes? Guest blogger Suzanne is here today to give us some great tips on how to wear our** boyfriend jeans** in the fall while still keeping that summer look to our outfit. Here are 4 Ways to Wear Boyfriend Jeans in the Fall...
Bringing Summer to the Boyfriend Jean in the Fall...
Suzanne is a blogging Seattlile with an affinity for fashion and a healthy obsession with denim. She loves helping others find their personal style and believes that every day is an opportunity to shine.

There are signs of fall in the air – leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are getting a little cooler, and there are truck loads of Halloween candy in the grocery store aisles. At the same time, summer doesn’t seem to want to go away. Not that we want it to! But, dressing for the weather proves to be a challenge when Monday, Tuesday and Friday play for team fall, and Wednesday and Thursday are team summer. However, because I am a glass-half-full of champagne kind of gal, I choose to see this as an opportunity and not as something that could send me into a crazy fit where I lose track of what season it is, and sit in my sweatpants in front of my fireplace drinking hot chocolate until I spontaneously combust. Call me an optimist. With the help of one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe, a pair of boyfriend jeans, I have every intention of making a fashion statement both in fall-like-fall weather and summer-like-fall weather.

Here are my tips for making boyfriend jeans work this fall:

1 Pair Your Jeans with a Barely There Camisole—and Bring a Cardigan

Nothing is worse than looking outside your window and seeing grey skies, dressing accordingly and leaving for the day, only to be tricked 3 hours later by the sun’s rays piercing the clouds. Come prepared to battle Mother Nature (and all her mood swings) by wearing a body-hugging tank top under a cardigan, and then shedding the cardigan if and when the temperature rises.

2 Tuck and Roll

This important maneuver used to be reserved exclusively for those moments when you’re on an awful blind date and you need to make a quick getaway. But the tuck and roll is the number one remedy when wearing boyfriend jeans in unpredictable weather. Whatever you wear with your jeans, make sure it’ll look just as good—if not better—with the cuffs rolled up a few times ICS (in case of sunshine).


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3 Leave the Boots at Home

The movie Field of Dreams taught me that “If you shoe it, sun will come” — or something to that effect. Yes, if you leave your closed toe shoes at home and wear gladiator sandals while it rains, your toes might get a little damp, but you and I both know that the weather will change in five minutes, and you’ll be thankful that your strapless top/boyfriend jean combo will have a cute pair of shoes to complement it.

4 Color is Your Friend

Even if the blue-grey hue of the sky insists on prevailing, you have a choice to dress for the season, or dress for the season you want. If you want summer then boldly wear the bright greens, yellows, and magentas! If you want fall, I challenge you to leave the greys and browns behind and instead wear rusts and dark oranges – colors that look like fall but would also be invited to hang out with summer.

This week in Seattle meteorologists are calling for 3 days of sunshine and 4 days of who knows what. But I can’t rely on their patchy science to determine what I’ll be wearing! Come sunshine or sleet I’ll be wearing my boyfriend jeans, emerald green tank top, black open toe wedges, and a whole lot of hope that the weather holds up.

These are such great fashion tips for the transition of summer into fall. Thank you Suzanne for stopping by All Women Stalktoday. Readers, what do you wear with your boyfriend jeans at the start of the fall season?

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