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Thanks to the ever-evolving Internet, there are so many YouTube tutorials to transform your wardrobe out there. You would be surprised at the amount of things you can make with a random piece of clothing you already have in your closet, like an infinity scarf! If you’re looking to change up your wardrobe a little bit, look no further than these YouTube tutorials to transform your wardrobe!

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Primrose Makeup’s Cute and Easy DIY Fall Clothes

These are some of the most original clothing DIYs I’ve seen on YouTube, and they all actually look like outfits you’d find in stores! If you’re looking for YouTube tutorials to transform your wardrobe, this is the video for you. You’ll probably find all of these pieces in your closet, just waiting for you to DIY them into completely new outfits!


LaurDIY’s Custom Statement Beanie

These beanies are seriously everywhere right now, and what’s worse, they’re so expensive. Thankfully, Lauren makes it look so easy to make these yourself. Who doesn’t have old, simple beanies lying around their house? Chances are that you have almost all of the materials lying around your house, so it’s one of the easiest ways to jazz up your wardrobe!


Ann Le’s DIY Varsity Letter Sweater

I’m going to be completely honest here, when I discovered Ann Le’s videos, I spent an entire Saturday getting lost in everything she’s ever uploaded. That’s just how original her videos are, and this video is no exception. Everyone has old cardigans in their closet that they just don’t love anymore, and this tutorial is perfect for those sweaters. In my opinion, this is one of the most unique sweater tutorials out there, and it looks like you bought it in a store!


MyLifeAsEva’s Tumblr Inspired School Clothes

All of these DIYs look like you could’ve bought them from Urban Outfitters, and even better, they’re made with basics you already have hanging in your closet. For these DIYs, all you really need are basic t-shirts, sweaters, and maybe a long-sleeve t-shirt, and you’ll completely transform your wardrobe instantly. This video is one of my favorites for turning simple staples into unique pieces that look like they cost a tiny fortune!


Coolirpa’s Transform Your Skirt into Cute Dresses

Disclaimer: this is one of the coolest DIY videos you will ever see. The entire time I watched this video, I just kept becoming more and more impressed with this incredibly unique idea. It’s so simple, and all you need are an infinity scarf and a belt. Just watch it, and you won’t believe how versatile an infinity scarf is.


LaurDIY’s Easy Kimono

This is another infinity scarf DIY, however, this one’s a little more permanent. It does require sewing, so if you’re not great with that, you might need to enlist the help of someone who is. That being said, it is a super easy DIY, and it looks so good when it’s done. Kimonos aren’t cheap, and this is the easiest way to find one that you truly love, because it’s extremely customizable!


10 Ways to Revamp Your Shoes

While some of these are sort of obvious, most of these aren’t as obvious as you’d think, and this video gives you a ton of ways to completely revitalize old shoes you haven’t wanted to wear in a while. If you’re looking for new shoes but don’t like the price tags, this is perfect DIY video for you!

What are your favorite DIY fashion videos? Will you try any of these out? Let me know in the comments!

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