7 Fashion Tips on How to Dress for a Career ...


How to dress for a career in some of many industries, make the best impression on your bosses, client and, hopefully, land a promotion while you’re still young and eager enough to advance? Well, as you’ve probably heard a few dozens of times, dressing the part has a lot to do with it! So here are a few fashion tips both CNN’s and Marie Claire’s professionals consider crucial for a perfect business look:

1. Invest in Basic Pieces

Renewing your entire wardrobe in order to make it office-appropriate may deliver a huge blow to your budget which means that you should shop smart and think quality rather than quantity. Investing your money into only a handful of carefully selected, great looking yet basic and therefore versatile garments is a sure bet and the one most fashion magazines as well as career building specialists advise to all hoping to learn how to dress for a career in the chosen industry. These often expensive pieces will create a good base you can build upon by choosing relatively inexpensive trendy pieces to personalize your look and make it go from “office drab” to “office fab”!

Keep It Clean and Neat
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