7 Inspiring Rebel Look Outfits That You'll Totally Love ...


7 Inspiring Rebel Look Outfits That You'll Totally Love ...
7 Inspiring Rebel Look Outfits That You'll Totally Love ...

I love the rebel look that’s around at the moment – it’s seriously cute! Inspired by the punk spirit that has taken over Hollywood parties, it’s bold and unique, as well as being totally wearable. Think fluffy knits teamed with tartan, leather and bomber jackets! Whether you love the grunge look or prefer sequins and pendants, there is a rebel look outfit here that every girl will totally love. Just check these out…

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'80s Throwback

'80s Throwback Try teaming some ripped cut-off short shorts with a vibrant crop-top (double points if you choose a crop-top featuring neons or metallics) and dress it down with a vintage bomber jacket. Any durable nylon fabrics and retro stylings are perfect for the rebel look, and a relaxed fit means it will go with absolutely anything. I totally love the idea of wearing something like this with messy braids…


Preppy Chic

Preppy Chic Mix new and old with a high-waisted kilt in shades like yellow and green, teamed with chunky black heels or combat boots and a geek-chic t-shirt. For such a directional look, the rest of your outfit should be relaxed and understated. Think loose hair that’s well brushed but not perfect, everyday make-up and no jewelry or flashy bags.


Kate Moss-Esque

Kate Moss-Esque I totally love a Kate Moss throwback look! Think tight black trousers and colorful printed t-shirts with puffy bomber jackets; something like this is perfectly put together, yet completely effortless. Try things like zip cuffs and buckle detailing to give your ensemble a biker-gang feel that’s perfect for the rebel look, and throw on a black velvet hat to add a more dressed up element. Try wearing a biker jacket with skinny jeans, too, for a more everyday look.


Flash That Flesh

Flash That Flesh Feeling brave? Try garters with suspender detailing, complete with metal clasps and sheer panels. They'd look really cute worn under black shorts with a long tank, or dressed up with a black crop-top, if you’ve got the abs! Finish the look with a long pendant necklace and plenty of bracelets. A wooly hat adds a retro vibe that you’ll totally love.


'90s Chic

'90s Chic Want something that’s just chic and easy? A look like this is perfect. Opt for a high-waisted mini and team it with a roll neck or ripped up crop top. If you aren’t too confident about wearing a crop top on its own, try adding a sheer top to the mix, in the form of an oversized shirt. Grays and lights blues are very '90s, and don’t be afraid to add a few geek references to that age, too – a few badges pinned to the crop top or skirt would be uber cute, or you could even try a stomach chain!


Mesh Mix-up

Mesh Mix-up Mesh and fishnets are right on trend for the rebel look, so a midi like this is a great way to get the look. You could also try a midi dress featuring knee-length mesh with long sleeves, containing a shorter slip in a coordinating color inside. I’d dress this up with a thick colorful belt around the middle, and some buckled heels. Definitely think about a stunning black dress, too – add red accessories to make it really pop!


Belt and Braces

Belt and Braces Try tucking a shirt into a pencil skirt in a contrasting color, with matching braces. Not only is this super flattering, with a great bodycon fit, but it’s easy to accessorize too. The right bag will add a pop of color, and chunky heels will really wrap up that old-school style.

I’m totally loving the rebel look, and I can’t wait to find the perfect biker jacket to rock it myself. Who didn’t dream of a leather jacket with plenty of buckles and zips?! I love how comfortable it all is, too. So will you be wearing the rebel look? Let me know!

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this is more Street Style, which i love.

Agreed. Lots of these are actually a little bit trashy in my opinion. Now I consider my style semi-punk with black vests over t's, colored skinny jeans and boots :)

None of this is very rebel ish at all in my opinion.. =\

I thik a lot of Them girly, she should Call it different style base.

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