Rock These 25 Swimsuit Trends This Summer ...


Swimsuit trends are always so hard to keep up with. It seems like they're always changing, especially as the summer progresses. If you're looking for the best trends for your next trip to the beach, try these swimsuits for your most stylish beach trip ever!

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Halter Tops and Lace

Halter Tops and Lace Source: Summer Swimwear Trends - Pretty
Both of these trends, halter tops and lace, are so in this summer, especially if your style is boho!


Flowy Tops and Geometric Bottoms

Flowy Tops and Geometric Bottoms Source: How to Get a Spray
Geometric patterns are so in style this summer, but even more than that, flowy swimsuit tops are possibly the biggest swimsuit trend this summer.


Triangl Swimsuits

Triangl Swimsuits Source: Only Trend Women's Bandage Push
Triangl has absolutely dominated the swimsuit trends over the past few summers, and this summer is no different!


Sheer Cutouts

Sheer Cutouts Source: Top 10 Swimsuits Trends for
If you want to try a one-piece with cool cutouts but it's a little overwhelming for you, consider wearing a bathing suit with sheer cutouts like this one.


Bright Tribal Print

Bright Tribal Print Source: Spring 2015 Bikini Trends
This tribal print is given a fun update with the bright colors, which are a huge trend this summer.


Tropical Floral Print

Tropical Floral Print Source: Fresh Aqua Halter Bikini Sets
This floral print is so on trend this summer, this fun swimsuit is a must-have.


Mint Cross Swimsuit

Mint Cross Swimsuit Source: Quick! Jump On These 8
I love the crossover design of this swimsuit, and the mint color is so perfect for this summer.


Nude Bathing Suit

Nude Bathing Suit Source: Coachella Festival Style Edit Nudevotion
Wear a bathing suit a few shades lighter than your skin tone for a gorgeous contrast!


Bright Colors and Bright Accessories

Bright Colors and Bright Accessories Source: 7 Sexy Swimsuit Trends MADE
This bright swimsuit is made even more gorgeous with accessories that are just as bright.


Going Back in Time

Going Back in Time Source: 20 Best Swimsuits of 2015
This retro look is classic and will always be in style!


Black and White Color Block

Black and White Color Block Source: Top 10 Swimsuit Trends For
This mod look is so chic and classy for your perfect summer style!


Unique Backs

Unique Backs Source: Spring 2015 Bikini Trends
These muted colors are so amazing for summer, and the unique back is such an interesting take on a classic bathing suit!


Tropical Palm Print

Tropical Palm Print Source: Instagram-Worthy Swimwear – Get the
This tropical print is one of the most stylish prints of the season, and the style of the swimsuit is even more beautiful!


Black with Frills

Black with Frills Source: Plush Swimwear: Shop designer swimwear
This monokini with frills is so beautiful!


Fringed Swimsuit

Fringed Swimsuit Source: Fringed Swimsuit Fashion Swimwear
Not only is the fringe on this swimsuit gorgeous, but so is the tie-dye!


Boho Casual

Boho Casual Source: VelvetBoho SkyBennett (@velvetboho) • Instagram
The back of this swimsuit alone is so boho chic, but the backwards necklaces add an even greater look.


Sheer Inserts

Sheer Inserts Source: 7 Sexy Swimsuit Trends MADE
If you want to show some skin but also want to wear a one-piece, this is a great way to do just that!


Faux Denim Retro

Faux Denim Retro Source: Top Swimsuit Trends for Spring
These faux denim, high-waisted bottoms and polka dot push-up top are so perfectly retro. I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed!


All-White Deep V

All-White Deep V Source: 31 Reasons To Ditch Your
This white one-piece with a deep-v is made to make you look like you just walked off the runway!


Modern Tankini

Modern Tankini Source: Sites-RX-US-Site - Roxy
This new twist on the classic tankini of yesteryear is sure to turn heads at the beach!


Color Blocking

Color Blocking Source: Yo inventé el seo bastardo
This swimsuit is a perfect way to do color blocking the right way when it comes to your swimwear!


Unique Cutouts

Unique Cutouts Source: Bustle
Am I the only one who is absolutely obsessed with these muted blush and lavender colors and unique cutouts?


Go Sporty

Go Sporty Source: Top 10 Swimsuits Trends for
If you want a swimsuit that's a little sportier but still styilish, this neon bikini is the way to go!


Peplum Tankini

Peplum and tankinis are both so on trend this summer, and combining them in this unique swimsuit just works!


Go Classic

Go Classic Source: Fashion Trends For Beachwear 2015
Everything about this swimsuit is classic!

What are your favorite swimsuits on this list? Will you wear any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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Love the bathing suits and how u incoporated curvy women

Fringe is pretty, but even if I haven't worn it myself, I' ve seen how it curled after a while on other girls, and that ruins the look

16 looks silly to me. Why would you wear necklaces backwards?

Love the last one

#13 was barely covering her nipples OUTSIDE the water! Let alone inside... 😟

Luv that you used women of all sizes

Love 17, hate 4 and 9

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