7 Sexy Summer Bathing Suits You'll Be Blown Away by ...


Do NOT fear, bikini season is near! Ladies, we have ALL been there. Trying to pick out a new, sexy, fun bathing suit before the swimming season can be (at times) next to impossible! Especially after that long winter, away from the sun and gym. Check out these 7 bikini looks and styles that will blow you away and leave you excited for your next trip to the mall! Enjoy!

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Fun, Crazy Patterns

clothing,briefs,undergarment,underpants,brassiere, When it comes to picking out bathing suits for the summer, bright, fun patterns are ALWAYS a must! For one-pieces, it's sometimes best to stay away from the overbearing patterns because they could look too busy or take away from other things...like your TAN! This bikini is a great example of how to rock the crazy patterns! This suit is adorable!

Source: Maaji Swimwear Lookbook - 2013


Sexy Strapless Suits

violet,clothing,purple,pink,undergarment, If you're looking for a bathing suit to lay out in that won't give you tan lines, look no further than the strapless bikini style! Strapless bikinis are so cute and perfect for the HOT weather! Most of them come with straps in case you want to swim without your top falling off...YIKES.

Source: Small Bust


The One-piece Style

clothing,one piece swimsuit,swimwear,pink,maillot, For a more modest look, one-pieces are perf! This style looks great with just a solid color or a delicate pattern.

Source: 27 Hot One-Piece Swimsuits To


'50s High-waisted Suits

clothing,swimwear,one piece swimsuit,swimsuit bottom,maillot, These are my favorite! (Even though I have YET to buy one.) Fifties-inspired high-waisted bathing suits are so different and can really make a big fashion statement, whether you're at the beach or lying by the poolside.



Bright Summer Colors

clothing,fashion accessory,swimwear,pattern,textile, Ok, ok. If I had to choose a bikini style for a summer favorite, it would have to be this one. These halter tops are ideal for swimming, tanning, and they're so comfortable! They're perfect for mismatching different colors/patterns.

Source: Aerie — Which mismatched bikini


Vintage Pattern + High-Waisted Bottoms

clothing,undergarment,briefs,swimwear,pattern, Another example of the high-waisted look! Vintage patterns are so in for the 2015 season, and they're definitely one of a kind.

Source: The Most Flattering Swimsuits for


Modest Tankinis

clothing,swimwear,undergarment,active undergarment,lingerie, Again, back to the more modest styles for the season. If you like to be more covered up, you can always go for the tankini styles. Hot colors always complement this look the best! Love this one!

Source: Peplum Bottoms
Now you know my favorite bathing suit styles for summer! What about yours?

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