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How to Dress like a New York Fashion Icon ...

By Lucy

Have you ever noticed how New Yorkers dress with such confidence, style and class? I have! The lovely ladies of New York should be our style icons and inspiration for everything fashion! 🗽 🏙

According to popsugar, this is how we can all dress like New Yorkers, no matter where you're from or where you're living in the world 😘 🌏

1 Accessorise with the Right Statement Pieces

$37.57 at
red, pink, hairstyle, coin purse, moustache,A simple denim dress is just begging for a poppy clutch.

2 Pair a Sexy Skirt with a Casual Sweatshirt

$8.99 at
clothing, leather, sleeve, jacket, dress,Duh, what else would it go with?

3 Blend in with the Environment While Also Standing out

$19.90 at
dress, little black dress, clothing, sleeve, cocktail dress,Nothing beats a classic black dress with a sexy side slit.

4 Keep at Least 1 Amazing off-the-Shoulder Shirt in Rotation

$12.90 at
hair, white, clothing, sleeve, hairstyle,And polish it off with platforms.

5 Dare to Cover Your Coordinated Set with a Contrast Print

$85.69 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, jacket, neck,It's time to bring all the prints you love into one stylish outfit.

6 Complete All Baggy Trousers with a Pair of Heels

$37.58 at
footwear, shoe, leg, high heeled footwear, leather,And then add a fun, quirky bag.

7 Make Sure Your Outfit Coordinates with the Street Art

$14.90 at
hair, clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, eyewear,As we said before, it's all about blending into the background.

8 Elevate Your Functional Jumpsuit with Platform Trainers

$48.00 at
human positions, clothing, leg, sitting, footwear,This will give an outfit a much needed boost...literally.

9 Master a Confident Strut in Statement Leather

$22.90 at
clothing, sleeve, active undergarment, photo shoot, leg,Only the really confident ladies should take on this trend.

10 Leave an Impression from All Angles

$15.03 at
handbag, bag, fashion accessory, leather, coin purse,A bright red bag is just the right touch.

11 When in Doubt, Add Some Colour

$24.90 at
footwear, shoe, pink, leather, leg,Especially if you're paying homage to the Big Apple.

12 Let Yourself Go All Rocker-Grunge

$39.09 at
white, clothing, sleeve, t shirt, pattern,It's what vintage tees were made for.

13 Do Something Crazy, like Mixing Prints with 2 Different Tops

$57.13 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, sweater, pattern,Some prints, combined together, are a match made in heaven.

14 Know That a Monochrome Look Isn't Complete without Dark Shades

$5.90 at
eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, hair, vision care,For those days when you just can't face the world.

15 Remember That Grey Doesn't Have to Look Drab

$23.99 at
clothing, photography, outerwear, sleeve, fashion,Fun stripes or cut-outs add freshness to this look.

16 Try Something New with Your Dungarees

$48.00 at
clothing, blue, sleeve, overall, denim,Really, what do you have to lose?

17 Try the Oversize Look on for Size

$19.90 at
clothing, outerwear, sleeve, spring, season,The perfect oversize piece is paired with simple casual wear.

18 Contrast Oversize Pieces with Pointed-Toe Shoes

$32.99 at
clothing, footwear, human positions, leg, high heeled footwear,It's time to make a statement with your footwear.

19 Learn That a Matchy-Matchy Style Moment is a-OK

$52.62 at
clothing, sleeve, trousers, pattern, leggings,Coords are just so stylish and your look will be on point.

20 Let a Pair of Rugged Trainers Be the Foundation to a Glamorous Look

$27.90 at
footwear, shoe, sneakers, white, walking shoe,Mix up the styles and pair different pieces together.

21 Complete a Just-Rolled-out-of-Bed T-Shirt with Designer Heels

$120.26 at
footwear, shoe, leg, high heeled footwear, leather,You can't go wrong with an elegant pair of designer heels.

22 Find Your Power Suit — and Rock It

$42.09 at
,You'll feel totally empowered, we promise.

23 Play with Proportions

$6.93 at
white, clothing, sleeve, photo shoot, outerwear,It can all come together looking totally breezy.

24 Balance Your Structured Jacket on Your Shoulders

$39.09 at
clothing, jacket, leather, sleeve, denim,This is also a great way to show off your outfit underneath.

25 Remember That Denim is Your Best Friend

$29.90 at
jeans, clothing, denim, leg, footwear,Denim...and block heels.

26 Carry a Crossbody Bag with a Statement Strap

$33.07 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, coat, spring,Remember: it doesn't have to be all about the bag itself.

27 Keep Your Loungewear on when You Leave the House

$57.13 at
clothing, sleeve, pink, maroon, outerwear,It pairs flawlessly with over-the-knee boots.

28 Master Monochrome

$195.43 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, formal wear, tuxedo,All black everything...can't go wrong.

29 Learn to Let Loose and Run Free in a Slip Dress

$38.00 at
clothing, black, day dress, dress, sleeve,If Rumi can pull it off, so can we.

30 Pull a Carrie Bradshaw and Show off That Playful Dress

$60.00 at
clothing, day dress, dress, sleeve, pattern,It's time to add a touch of playfulness to your outfit.

31 Make Mixing Blue and Black Look Easy

$10.00 at
clothing, jacket, outerwear, blazer, overcoat,Don't worry, it can totally be done.

32 Get Your Hands on a Throw-on-and-Go Backpack

$87.19 at
bag, brown, handbag, backpack, leather,You won't regret it.

33 Wear Your Blazer Undone

$40.00 at
clothing, black, outerwear, sleeve, jacket,This will make your outfit appear casual, carefree and relaxed.

34 Accessorise with Sparkly Jewels — and Coffee

$7.90 at
jewellery, earrings, fashion accessory, diamond, body jewelry,Statement jewellery are all the rage.

35 Work Your Leather Mini with Trainers

$58.00 at
clothing, sleeve, footwear, leg, spring,Again, pair your trainers with any outfit to tone it down.

36 Make a Memorable Statement when You Go

$28.00 at
clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, outerwear, photo shoot,And be remembered for all the right reasons.

37 Never Underestimate the Power of a Parka

$26.99 at
clothing, hood, overcoat, coat, outerwear,This is both stylish and comfortable.

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