How to Dress like a New York Fashion Icon ...

By Lucy

How to Dress  like a New York Fashion Icon  ...

Have you ever noticed how New Yorkers dress with such confidence, style and class? I have! The lovely ladies of New York should be our style icons and inspiration for everything fashion! 🗽 🏙

According to popsugar, this is how we can all dress like New Yorkers, no matter where you're from or where you're living in the world 😘 🌏

Table of contents:

  1. accessorise with the right statement pieces
  2. pair a sexy skirt with a casual sweatshirt
  3. blend in with the environment while also standing out
  4. keep at least 1 amazing off-the-shoulder shirt in rotation
  5. dare to cover your coordinated set with a contrast print
  6. complete all baggy trousers with a pair of heels
  7. make sure your outfit coordinates with the street art
  8. elevate your functional jumpsuit with platform trainers
  9. master a confident strut in statement leather
  10. leave an impression from all angles
  11. when in doubt, add some colour
  12. let yourself go all rocker-grunge
  13. do something crazy, like mixing prints with 2 different tops
  14. know that a monochrome look isn't complete without dark shades
  15. remember that grey doesn't have to look drab
  16. try something new with your dungarees
  17. try the oversize look on for size
  18. contrast oversize pieces with pointed-toe shoes
  19. learn that a matchy-matchy style moment is a-ok
  20. let a pair of rugged trainers be the foundation to a glamorous look
  21. complete a just-rolled-out-of-bed t-shirt with designer heels
  22. find your power suit — and rock it
  23. play with proportions
  24. balance your structured jacket on your shoulders
  25. remember that denim is your best friend
  26. carry a crossbody bag with a statement strap
  27. keep your loungewear on when you leave the house
  28. master monochrome
  29. learn to let loose and run free in a slip dress
  30. pull a carrie bradshaw and show off that playful dress
  31. make mixing blue and black look easy
  32. get your hands on a throw-on-and-go backpack
  33. wear your blazer undone
  34. accessorise with sparkly jewels — and coffee
  35. work your leather mini with trainers
  36. make a memorable statement when you go
  37. never underestimate the power of a parka

1 Accessorise with the Right Statement Pieces

color, red, black, clothing, pink,@manrepeller

$37.57 at
red, pink, hairstyle, coin purse, moustache, A simple denim dress is just begging for a poppy clutch.

2 Pair a Sexy Skirt with a Casual Sweatshirt

white, clothing, blue, footwear, spring,@alexcloset

$8.99 at
clothing, leather, sleeve, jacket, dress, Duh, what else would it go with?

3 Blend in with the Environment While Also Standing out

clothing, black, sleeve, outerwear, dress,@thehautepursuit

$19.90 at
dress, little black dress, clothing, sleeve, cocktail dress, Nothing beats a classic black dress with a sexy side slit.

4 Keep at Least 1 Amazing off-the-Shoulder Shirt in Rotation

clothing, footwear, jeans, denim, sleeve,@thriftsandthreads

$12.90 at
hair, white, clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, And polish it off with platforms.

5 Dare to Cover Your Coordinated Set with a Contrast Print

dress, clothing, gown, quinceañera, fashion,@lateafternoon

$85.69 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, jacket, neck, It's time to bring all the prints you love into one stylish outfit.

6 Complete All Baggy Trousers with a Pair of Heels

clothing, coat, spring, outerwear, fashion,@thatsotee

$37.58 at
footwear, shoe, leg, high heeled footwear, leather, And then add a fun, quirky bag.

7 Make Sure Your Outfit Coordinates with the Street Art

color, blue, art, fashion, LADIES,@smashleybell

$14.90 at
hair, clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, eyewear, As we said before, it's all about blending into the background.

8 Elevate Your Functional Jumpsuit with Platform Trainers

white, black, clothing, human positions, dress,@troprouge

$48.00 at
human positions, clothing, leg, sitting, footwear, This will give an outfit a much needed boost...literally.

9 Master a Confident Strut in Statement Leather

clothing, footwear, jacket, leather, outerwear,@chiaraferragni

$22.90 at
clothing, sleeve, active undergarment, photo shoot, leg, Only the really confident ladies should take on this trend.

10 Leave an Impression from All Angles

clothing, pattern, dress, spring, design,@drunkonshoes

$15.03 at
handbag, bag, fashion accessory, leather, coin purse, A bright red bag is just the right touch.

11 When in Doubt, Add Some Colour

clothing, human positions, sitting, dress, footwear,@blaireadiebee

$24.90 at
footwear, shoe, pink, leather, leg, Especially if you're paying homage to the Big Apple.

12 Let Yourself Go All Rocker-Grunge

white, black, clothing, footwear, sneakers,@seaofshoes

$39.09 at
white, clothing, sleeve, t shirt, pattern, It's what vintage tees were made for.

13 Do Something Crazy, like Mixing Prints with 2 Different Tops

color, road, clothing, yellow, street,@manrepeller

$57.13 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, sweater, pattern, Some prints, combined together, are a match made in heaven.

14 Know That a Monochrome Look Isn't Complete without Dark Shades

white, clothing, footwear, fashion, spring,@thehautepursuit

$5.90 at
eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, hair, vision care, For those days when you just can't face the world.

15 Remember That Grey Doesn't Have to Look Drab

white, clothing, suit, spring, footwear,@happilygrey

$23.99 at
clothing, photography, outerwear, sleeve, fashion, Fun stripes or cut-outs add freshness to this look.

16 Try Something New with Your Dungarees

clothing, blue, outerwear, costume, 1910,@chiaraferragni

$48.00 at
clothing, blue, sleeve, overall, denim, Really, what do you have to lose?

17 Try the Oversize Look on for Size

clothing, outerwear, coat, denim, sleeve,@pernilleteisbaek

$19.90 at
clothing, outerwear, sleeve, spring, season, The perfect oversize piece is paired with simple casual wear.

18 Contrast Oversize Pieces with Pointed-Toe Shoes

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$32.99 at
clothing, footwear, human positions, leg, high heeled footwear, It's time to make a statement with your footwear.

19 Learn That a Matchy-Matchy Style Moment is a-OK

clothing, footwear, gentleman, winter, fashion,@thehautepursuit

$52.62 at
clothing, sleeve, trousers, pattern, leggings, Coords are just so stylish and your look will be on point.

20 Let a Pair of Rugged Trainers Be the Foundation to a Glamorous Look

dress, photograph, clothing, blue, image,@negin_mirsalehi

$27.90 at
footwear, shoe, sneakers, white, walking shoe, Mix up the styles and pair different pieces together.

21 Complete a Just-Rolled-out-of-Bed T-Shirt with Designer Heels

clothing, footwear, leg, outerwear, fashion,@negin_mirsalehi

$120.26 at
footwear, shoe, leg, high heeled footwear, leather, You can't go wrong with an elegant pair of designer heels.

22 Find Your Power Suit — and Rock It

black, clothing, outerwear, little black dress, dress,@alexcloset

$42.09 at
, You'll feel totally empowered, we promise.

23 Play with Proportions

white, clothing, outerwear, jacket, spring,@notyourstandard

$6.93 at
white, clothing, sleeve, photo shoot, outerwear, It can all come together looking totally breezy.

24 Balance Your Structured Jacket on Your Shoulders

white, black, clothing, footwear, winter,@thehautepursuit

$39.09 at
clothing, jacket, leather, sleeve, denim, This is also a great way to show off your outfit underneath.

25 Remember That Denim is Your Best Friend

clothing, footwear, fashion, leg, photo shoot,@natashandlovu

$29.90 at
jeans, clothing, denim, leg, footwear, Denim...and block heels.

26 Carry a Crossbody Bag with a Statement Strap

clothing, sleeve, brand,@natashandlovu

$33.07 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, coat, spring, Remember: it doesn't have to be all about the bag itself.

27 Keep Your Loungewear on when You Leave the House

clothing, outerwear, footwear, fashion, leather,@kristinsundberg

$57.13 at
clothing, sleeve, pink, maroon, outerwear, It pairs flawlessly with over-the-knee boots.

28 Master Monochrome

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, jacket, footwear,@damselindior

$195.43 at
clothing, sleeve, outerwear, formal wear, tuxedo, All black everything...can't go wrong.

29 Learn to Let Loose and Run Free in a Slip Dress

white, black, clothing, human positions, person,@rumineely

$38.00 at
clothing, black, day dress, dress, sleeve, If Rumi can pull it off, so can we.

30 Pull a Carrie Bradshaw and Show off That Playful Dress

pink, clothing, dress, sleeve, pattern,@nicolettemason

$60.00 at
clothing, day dress, dress, sleeve, pattern, It's time to add a touch of playfulness to your outfit.

31 Make Mixing Blue and Black Look Easy

clothing, fashion, fashion design, BANANA,@vivaluxuryblog

$10.00 at
clothing, jacket, outerwear, blazer, overcoat, Don't worry, it can totally be done.

32 Get Your Hands on a Throw-on-and-Go Backpack

footwear, clothing, shoe, brown, fashion,@alwaysjudging

$87.19 at
bag, brown, handbag, backpack, leather, You won't regret it.

33 Wear Your Blazer Undone

black, clothing, footwear, outerwear, shoe,@alwaysjudging

$40.00 at
clothing, black, outerwear, sleeve, jacket, This will make your outfit appear casual, carefree and relaxed.

34 Accessorise with Sparkly Jewels — and Coffee

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$7.90 at
jewellery, earrings, fashion accessory, diamond, body jewelry, Statement jewellery are all the rage.

35 Work Your Leather Mini with Trainers

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$58.00 at
clothing, sleeve, footwear, leg, spring, Again, pair your trainers with any outfit to tone it down.

36 Make a Memorable Statement when You Go

clothing, costume, outerwear, abdomen, textile,@zinafashionvibe

$28.00 at
clothing, sleeve, hairstyle, outerwear, photo shoot, And be remembered for all the right reasons.

37 Never Underestimate the Power of a Parka

white, clothing, road, footwear, snapshot,@peaceloveshea

$26.99 at
clothing, hood, overcoat, coat, outerwear, This is both stylish and comfortable.

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