How to Dress 👗 for Your Zodiac ♊️♉️♏️♋️ Sign in 2018 🗓 ...

Wondering how to dress for your zodiac sign?

I'm sitting in my apartment just trying to keep warm with my adorable Labradoodle, Zoey, and a delicious glass of mulled wine. Unfortunately, the boyfriend is out of town this weekend for business. I miss the feel of his Brooks Brothers suits and the hint, but not overpowering smell of Tom Ford.

As I snuggle up in my silky cashmere throw, I begin to think of 2018. Another great year darlings and many more opportunities for everyone to look fabulous! I know that the stars are going to be lucky for all of you, my sweet readers. Here's how to dress for your zodiac sign.

1. Capricorn

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The beautiful lady that holds it all down with grace and ease. You look lovely in fitted tailored clothing that shows off those beautiful curves. You are always smart to show just a hint of skin, just enough to leave them wanting more.

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