How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign in 2018 ...


How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign in 2018 ...
How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign in 2018 ...

Wondering how to dress for your zodiac sign?

I'm sitting in my apartment just trying to keep warm with my adorable Labradoodle, Zoey, and a delicious glass of mulled wine. Unfortunately, the boyfriend is out of town this weekend for business. I miss the feel of his Brooks Brothers suits and the hint, but not overpowering smell of Tom Ford.

As I snuggle up in my silky cashmere throw, I begin to think of 2018. Another great year darlings and many more opportunities for everyone to look fabulous! I know that the stars are going to be lucky for all of you, my sweet readers. Here's how to dress for your zodiac sign.

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furniture, fashion accessory, shoulder, sitting, fashion, The beautiful lady that holds it all down with grace and ease. You look lovely in fitted tailored clothing that shows off those beautiful curves. You are always smart to show just a hint of skin, just enough to leave them wanting more.



car, fashion accessory, shoulder, vehicle door, thigh, The water bearer whose energy spurs us all to change for the better. This is true in the lab, discovering new knowledge or on social media, where she can be a catalyst for social change. Aquarius can pull off athleisure wear effortlessly. Her style is never boring and always fresh and cutting edge. She is the trendsetter



clothing, fashion model, shoulder, fashion, outerwear, This water maiden is the artistic dreamer that awakens all of our compassion. Metallic will bring out her luminescent personality. She will shimmer through life, like a beautiful stream.



clothing, fashion model, fashion, kimono, socialite, My avant-garde lady. She wears today what everyone else will catch up to tomorrow. Bold blues compliment our airy girl as she blows through and leaves us breathless.



clothing, footwear, fashion model, shoulder, leg, Nothing makes us feel safer or more secure than a Taurus girl. She looks great in earth tones and can even make brown pop like magic. On special occasions, red will get everyone fired up.



fur clothing, pink, fur, textile, coat, Never boring and the queen of duality. She can be polished and ladylike in the morning and a gorgeous sex bomb at night. Remember to always feed both sides of your personality and don't be afraid to vary your style.



dress, shoulder, gown, fashion model, formal wear, Oh, my sweet moon goddess, who is the loyal friend that will never let us down. You nurture and support everyone around you effortlessly. You can rock a cardigan and a string of pearls in a way that would make June Cleaver jealous. However, a simple form-fitting black gown with a hint of moonlight shimmer will guarantee that you will never have a boring night.



fashion model, supermodel, human hair color, model, brassiere, You are a natural born queen bee. No one is going to put you in the corner. No bold color will overwhelm you. Our lady lion should also go for subtle hints of gold, to remind us that she is truly a champion.



clothing, shoulder, formal wear, fashion model, joint, You always make everything better. My petty Virgos solve problems and often save the day. However, you appreciate whimsy. Soft flowy designs and colors just highlight your naturally beautiful femininity.



yellow, shoulder, fashion model, neck, long hair, The naturally balanced beauty that keeps all of us on track. Amber with a hint of green helps bring out your soothing nature and make sure the scales will always tip in your favor.



clothing, jeans, footwear, denim, leggings, Passionate and intense, you never do anything halfway, so why should your style be any different? You can rock prints that few of us would dare try.



dress, fashion model, gown, formal wear, cocktail dress, The true adventurer. Indiana Jones has nothing on you. Bright oranges and emeralds will help the rest of us keep up us as you point the way. Your arrows have already broken too many hearts.

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