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Video Inspiration on How to Find Your Personal Style ...

By Natalya

I'm going to help you figure out how to find your personal style. It's not too hard and you'll love the end result. So, here's how to find your personal style.

1 Ask Yourself What Look You Are Going to Achieve

Maybe you see someone you want to look like. You can create a Pinterest fashion board if you don’t have one now. Visit the board and see what kind of looks you like when you're ready to get dressed. This is one of the best answers for how to find your personal style.

2 Who is Your Celebrity Crush when It Comes to Style

It may be 5 celebrities whose style you absolutely love. I love Rhianna because I love taking risks sometimes.


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3 Find What Flatters Your Figure

This is the most important tip in finding your personal style. If you are a pear do not put attention on the lower body. If you are an hourglass, every look will suit you well. If you are more athletic in shape, you should find clothes that create curves. If you are inverted triangle in shape do not put attention on the upper body. There are charts on Pinterest so you can figure out what body type you have and which clothing items to choose. If you are out shopping, ask people who work there for help because they are experienced.

4 Shop Smarter

Know what body type you have and go shopping for new things that suit your body. You don’t have to waste your money on things that do not suit you well. If you want to look minimal Club Monaco and Zara are the best. If you want to look boho Free People is the best shop for you. If you want to mix styles Asos is good as well as River Island.

5 Consider Your Present and Future Goals

If you are planning for 5 years in the future and you see yourself as a corporate director, choose a more classic look. If you consider the present, your life plays a big role. What are you going to look like right now?

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