12 Tips for Dressing to Look Slimmer ...


12 Tips for Dressing to Look Slimmer ...
12 Tips for Dressing to Look Slimmer ...

Sometimes, achieving a slimmer appearance doesn’t always have to be about going through the diet and exercise torture chamber! If you are healthy and just happen to have the kind of body shape that doesn’t always look the most slimline, then there are definitely a whole bag of tricks to pull from in order to sharpen up your aesthetics a little bit! One of the best ways to visually change the way that people see you and the way that you see yourself is by picking the right clothing. Here are twelve amazing tips for dressing to look slimmer!

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Know Your Size

You need to know and wear your exact size, rather than trying to squeeze into garments that are too small or lose your shape in garments that are too big. The more tailored and fitted your outfits are, the slimmer you will actually look.



Invest in a few good pieces of shapewear; they can be a miracle underneath your clothes! You can get an instantly slimmer silhouette thanks to things like Spanx that help to suck in all of that excess shape!



Make sure that your jeans and trousers hit at the ankle or an inch below, because anything shorter than that can make your legs look very heavy, and anything longer can make them look stubby!


High Rise

High rise jeans are a great way to go to give yourself the appearance of a longer leg and a flatter tummy. The darker the denim, the better the illusion will be too.



You need to try to offset your silhouette with some chunky accessories that create a sort of optical illusion with regards to your size. For example, big statement earring will help to make a neck and jawline seem smaller.



It’s no secret that dark colours helps to make a figure look slimmer, so work on putting together monochrome outfits that can create long vertical lines to make you look lean and tall.



Wearing pretty A-line dresses and skirts is a way to help balance out the proportions of your body in a pleasant way. They accentuate your waist whilst adding volume to your hips to create more of an hourglass.



If you are ever wearing something like a loose blouse, tunic or cardigan, create a slimmer silhouette by adding a skinny belt to the mix.


Proportionate Bag

Try to keep the bag that you carry around with you proportionate to your size. Oversized handbags and totes don’t tend to flatter a body, so keep things nice and small and simple.


Three Quarter Sleeves

The three quarter sleeve length is a really good one; in fact is it considered by fashion experts to be the most universally flattering.


Vertical Stripes

If you are playing with stripes, always opt for vertical, because they will help to elongate your figure.


Mid Thigh Coat

Buy a winter coat that stops at mid-thigh rather than going all the way to the floor. It is a flattering cut that helps to add length to your figure.

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