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Video Guide to Being Effortlessly Stylish ...

By Natalya

Do you want to learn how to be effortlessly stylish? It's not as hard as you might think. By making a few simple changes to the way you get dressed, you'll be looking on point in no time. Here's how to be effortlessly stylish.

1 Do Not Try Too Hard

Not trying so hard is one of the best answers for how to be effortlessly stylish. Effortless means you do not have to put any effort. Do not overthink. Know what you are going to wear and wear it with confidence. There is no age limit for an effortless look. To look effortless you can wear a plain t-shirt with boyfriend jeans. And it will be chic. And you know exactly what you are doing and wearing.

2 Add Details

There are a couple of details that you can add to any outfit. Adding jewelry is very good to your look. They dress up any outfit for night or day. Other things that complete my outfit are a baggy or oversized t-shirt. I love my oversized beige cardigan. Doing things like folding sleeves a little bit are little details that will make your outfit cuter. Adding heels to any plain outfit will give it an effortless look.

3 Lived-in Hair is Okay

This is also a key part of looking effortless and still looking stylish. Now it is trendy to have hair like you just woke up. Hair is the main thing to finish for an effortless look.

4 Have Balance

Don’t be afraid to wear oversized items. As long as you balance it out, then your outfit will look right. For example, if your top is oversized, you should tighten your bottom. On the contrary, if your bottom is baggy, you should tighten your top. Heels can clean your look up. Do not be afraid to look comfortable. Classics and basics are the keys to achieving it. Having chosen classics and basics can save you time, when you are trying to get an effortless look.

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