Shake up Your Maxi Skirts - Here's 7 Different Ways to Wear Them ...

Maxi skirts are an absolute staple piece for me pretty much year round, but especially in the summer. I wanted to share some tips and ways that I wear my maxi skirts all throughout the year! I feel like maxi skirts will never go out of style, and even if they aren’t totally on trend at the moment you can use the below tips to update a maxi skirt and breathe new fashion life into it! Keep reading to learn a few ways to shake up your maxi skirts!

1. Pair Your Maxi with a Simple Tee Knotted at the Waist

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Sometimes simple is better. As a matter of fact, personally, I feel like simple is almost always better and stands out a little more in the fashion world. Simple is tasteful and classic! Wear your maxi skirt with a loose tee and knot it at the waist. You can add a statement necklace for a touch of pizzazz!

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