7 Irresistible Menswear Inspired Fashion Staples ...

For many women, keeping in trend with latest style could mean taking cues from menswear inspired fashion. While the form-fitting cocktail dress and a killer pair of stiletto heels may be traditionally feminine, dressing like a dude could make a more empowering fashion statement. Menswear inspired fashion staples should be comfortable, yet worn confidently. And paired with a few feminine touches, these selections of stylized menswear pieces are a good look for any gal.

1. Boyfriend Jeans

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They don’t call them boyfriend jeans for nothing. Far from the usual second-skin jeggings or skinny jeans, the comfy cut of boyfriend jeans are a piece of menswear inspired fashion I could really get used to. Rather than hugging the frame, these slightly relaxed jeans drape around the waist and thigh, with an often-times cuffed straight leg. But if you’re hesitant to try what you might perceive as a manly denim cut, you can dress it up quite nicely. Get a distressed pair or classy dark wash and cuff em up to show off a super cute pair of pumps.

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