7 Irresistible Menswear Inspired Fashion Staples ...


7 Irresistible Menswear Inspired Fashion Staples ...
7 Irresistible Menswear Inspired Fashion Staples ...

For many women, keeping in trend with latest style could mean taking cues from menswear inspired fashion. While the form-fitting cocktail dress and a killer pair of stiletto heels may be traditionally feminine, dressing like a dude could make a more empowering fashion statement. Menswear inspired fashion staples should be comfortable, yet worn confidently. And paired with a few feminine touches, these selections of stylized menswear pieces are a good look for any gal.

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Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans They don’t call them boyfriend jeans for nothing. Far from the usual second-skin jeggings or skinny jeans, the comfy cut of boyfriend jeans are a piece of menswear inspired fashion I could really get used to. Rather than hugging the frame, these slightly relaxed jeans drape around the waist and thigh, with an often-times cuffed straight leg. But if you’re hesitant to try what you might perceive as a manly denim cut, you can dress it up quite nicely. Get a distressed pair or classy dark wash and cuff em up to show off a super cute pair of pumps.


Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes Did you know that oxford shoes are considered to be the first laced shoe worn by men in modern times? First popularized by high society gents attending university education, these low-heeled and leather lace-up shoes are flattering to a lady’s foot as well. The creamy white style by Steve Madden is just one evolutionary example of how traditionally male oxfords have become an adorable and fashionable footwear option for women.


Cropped Blazers

Cropped Blazers Who knew that what originated as a uniform standard could become synonymous with workwear sex appeal? In office settings across the nation, women have opted for a form-flattering cropped blazer to add a bit of playfulness to their professional wardrobe. From basic black and bold solids to stylish stripes, a slightly cropped blazer is menswear inspired with an undeniably feminine touch.


Bow Ties

Bow Ties While you may not be eager to sport a suit, consider for a moment the ever-growing popularity of the bow tie. You might not be wearing a classic necktie at your 9-to-5, but there’s no doubt that those little bows are popping up everywhere. From novelty necklaces to ornate nail art, the bow tie is booming right now. And have you noticed those adorable bows at the neckline of your favorite sweaters and a-line dresses? You might not believe it, but this is a menswear trend marketed for the ladies. So why not try a classic bowed necktie? I mean, if Janelle Monáe and Emma Stone are on board with the bow, why not give it a go?



Vests Just imagine a sweet little Argyle sweater vest or something more toward a tailored formal vest over a not-so-formal camisole. Dress it up. Dress it down. But don’t be fooled into thinking this classic piece of menswear isn’t for you. The vest, or waistcoat, can be a sexy sleeveless addition to your attire. Whether you’re going for nerdy chic or a prep school princess look, the vest is a worthwhile investment for a menswear inspired look.



Jumpsuits The jumpsuit is something of a fashion enigma. This one-piece wonder evolved from the similar design of flight aviation suits, sky divers and other particularly male-dominated professions. Years later, designers took to the drawing boards for a feminine form of the jumpsuit and this former hazard protection went high fashion. Admittedly, wearing one fearlessly can be something of a challenge. But with the right belt to create a curve at the hip, the right accessorizing and the right attitude, a jumpsuit could be just the high octane ensemble your look needs.


Leather Satchels

Leather Satchels Nothing screams schoolboy quite like the satchel. These leather carry-alls take root in academia, then grew to become an alternative to the traditional briefcase. And today they’re a cute bag option for women. They’re durable. They’re beautifully structured yet simple and they’re a classic piece of menswear accessorizing. Beyond the classic brown leather bags, today’s satchels for sassy women come in a variety of bold colors. And if you’re feeling especially inspired by the lads, you can pair your leather satchel with a sweet pair of oxford shoes.

The trick to trying menswear inspired fashion without feeling robbed of your feminine charms is to remember just one thing: You wear the clothing. The clothing does not wear you. Carrying yourself with all of the grace and beauty you would while wearing a floor-length ball gown, can be just as easy in a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tailored vest. Tread fearlessly in menswear inspired fashion and be the same fabulous self you always are. So, which menswear are you ladies looking to try?

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barf at all of thia

I like long ties too.

Jumpsuits are awesome I agree

I just love Jumpsuits! They are so comfy and at the same time stylish


barf at all of this

Other than the jumpsuit, which still makes me feel more like a clown than a fashionista, I totally love all of these, and we can "wear" these styles as femininely as we choose. But the contrarian I me thinks: isn't it odd that women can borrow so-called masculine styles, but pity the poor man who tries, for whatever reason, to incorporate feminine fashion into his style...still,I love boyfriend jeans and oxford shirts and shoes

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