9 Fabulous Clothing Finds Featuring Peter Pan Collars ...

Peter Pan collars have been one of the biggest trends of the 2013 fashion scene. This retro-inspired look is said to originate from the 1905 production of its namesake where Maude Adams appeared in the role of Peter Pan. A similar look also debuted in the French novel “Claudine à l'école” at an earlier time, but the exact place and date of origin is not fully known. Who knew that this look would one day influence the wardrobe of numerous fashionistas? While this trend often receives backlash because of the child-like intonations associated with it, these fabulous finds featuring Peter Pan collars will show you just how amazing this look truly is.

1. Modcloth – Stop and Say High Seas Top

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This cute polka-dot number is one of my favorite finds featuring Peter Pan collars. I've always praised Modcloth for being one of the greatest outlets for finely-detailed clothing; this form-fitting and flattering shirt is certainly no exception. I'm not ashamed to admit that this shirt, along with my black A-line skirt, has made countless appearances on outings with friends!

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