9 Must Have Spring Maxi Dresses to Make You Look Fab ...

This year's staple is the spring maxi dress! I repeat: it is necessary for every woman to own a few! If you don't know why yet, read my must have spring maxi dress list and buy a few! I assure you, you'll wonder why you didn't buy more and you'll want a maxi for every day of the week! With comfortable material, great style, and inexpensive prices I hope you'll fall in love as hard and fast as I did.

1. Sunburst Stripe Maxi Tube Dress

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This year's black and white trend is taking over and is here to stay. You can find this color theme in every department store window it seems. It's only natural we fashionistas follow the lovely trend with this loud sunburst black and white spring maxi dress. With a sexy fit, light material and an affordable price tag - less than 30 bucks - you can't ask for much more!

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