9 Must Have Spring Maxi Dresses to Make You Look Fab ...


9 Must Have Spring Maxi Dresses to Make You Look Fab ...
9 Must Have Spring Maxi Dresses to Make You Look Fab ...

This year's staple is the spring maxi dress! I repeat: it is necessary for every woman to own a few! If you don't know why yet, read my must have spring maxi dress list and buy a few! I assure you, you'll wonder why you didn't buy more and you'll want a maxi for every day of the week! With comfortable material, great style, and inexpensive prices I hope you'll fall in love as hard and fast as I did.

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Sunburst Stripe Maxi Tube Dress

Sunburst Stripe Maxi Tube Dress charlotterusse.com

This year's black and white trend is taking over and is here to stay. You can find this color theme in every department store window it seems. It's only natural we fashionistas follow the lovely trend with this loud sunburst black and white spring maxi dress. With a sexy fit, light material and an affordable price tag - less than 30 bucks - you can't ask for much more!


Hit List Strapless Mint Green Maxi Dress

Hit List Strapless Mint Green Maxi Dress lulus.com

It's wedding season, and finding the perfect dress to wear without breaking the bank seems like an almost impossible task! I know the feeling. This dress is a great option. This mint green, light weight chiffon dress will have you feeling and looking fab without forcing you to skip out on paying this month's light bill! Grab it, and I'm sure you'll love it so much you'll wear it over and over.


Ellie Tiered Maxi Dress

Ellie Tiered Maxi Dress tobi.com

I love this dress because of its unique layered look. The color is my favorite part! The grey and hot pink combo is a great contrast and gives you a spring time feel. The layers are especially good for those days when you feel your carrying a little extra bloat; those days when a bodycon dress just isn't cute! I know you know exactly what I mean. This dress is every girl's must have!


Number-one Maxi

Number-one Maxi necessaryclothing.com

One of my favorites and definitely my go-to dress. When I need to run out, I just throw on a pair of my black or white Keds, some sunglasses, a denim jacket or vest, and head straight out the door. So comfortable yet so fashionable. When fashion and comfort come together, I'm sold! I would wear this everyday if I could.


Theories Dress

Theories Dress necessaryclothing.com

This is a beautiful maxi for any occasion. The tight fitting tube top and cinched high waist is flattering to any body type. The back cut out gives is that special touch you'll love for this spring.


Aryn K Hail a Maxi Dress

Aryn K Hail a Maxi Dress lulus.com

How could anyone not look phenomenal in white? Impossible. You know how everyone has that little black dress? Well, I believe a white dress is a staple in any fashion lover's closet! This attention grabbing halter dress has a daring slit and sexy cutouts on the side. And best of all it has padded cups! Exciting for those of us who need that extra support! So, rock this sexy maxi girl!


Tall It a Day Print Maxi Dress

Tall It a Day Print Maxi Dress lulus.com

The pattern and color scheme is what I love so much about this dress. Not to mention the large ruffle that accentuates the v-neck and the sexy cutout on the back. No need to worry when you got this one, because you can wear it from sunrise to sunset, from an early afternoon picnic to a night out on the town; either way your cant go wrong.


St. Thomas Maxi Dress

St. Thomas Maxi Dress necessaryclothing.com

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a fruit and love bright colors! So, I'm usually not a fan of black during the warmer months but I just had to put this dress on the list. For those cooler spring nights, this sexy black high slit number will do great on a date. What I would do is pair it with a bright colored shoe and a bulky necklace. This dress is so sexy it should be illegal. You'll have you date drooling over you. But please remind him not to get to close, because drool stains.


Summer Nights Dress

Summer Nights Dress necessaryclothing.com

This coral and light grey, color block dress is a spring time and summer must have, so lightweight and playful, you will feel comfortable and beautiful. Combine with flip flops and a big floppy straw hat, you'll wish you bought it sooner.

I hope I've convince you to stock up on maxi style dresses. I promise you wont regret the feminine flattery feel and comfort these dresses provide. Do you have any spring maxi dress favorites?

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Effortless style for summer

I liked 2,3,8,9

Nice! I just went to the one sight and bought one! �

In love with 2

I liked 1,2,3

What do you guys think about maxi dresses on teens? I love the way they look but I feel like i should wear short while my legs look good!

8 is not available any more :(

I love the black one, perfect amount of skin, I reckon! I could never wear maxis being so tiny!

1,2,6 & 8

I loved them all !! Ils sont parfait !

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