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7 Neon Pieces of Clothing That Will Look Adorable on You This Summer ...

By Chloe

I love wearing neon pieces of clothing during the summer because they really stand out. When your skin is darkened from being out in the sun, bright neon colors will really pop. These neon pieces of clothing will look amazing, while being cool enough for summer. You will surely attract attention and stand out with these beautiful pieces of neon clothing.

1 Brilliant Beginnings Neon Coral Dress

Brilliant Beginnings Neon Coral Dress This dress is one of the most beautiful neon pieces of clothing out there. I love the color coral – it is also very popular this summer – and it is especially amazing when it’s neon. This dress also has pockets, which is very hard to find in a dress! That means you can store whatever you need, while looking adorable this summer. You can wear this neon dress almost anywhere this summer, making it a very versatile option. To buy, go to

2 Dolce Vita Chale Neon Dots Romper

Dolce Vita Chale Neon Dots Romper This romper by Dolce Vita is so adorable. I love that rompers are complete outfits that are acceptable for both formal and casual occasions, depending on the shoes you wear. That is, heels for a more stylish look and sandals for casual. The gorgeous color is neon blue and it has side pockets as well. There is nothing constricting about wearing a romper, making it a great, cool piece of clothing for the summer. You can find it at

3 Flashback Neon Swimsuit

Flashback Neon Swimsuit What better to stand out against tan skin than a neon swimsuit? This swimsuit has a gorgeous neon pink and yellow color scheme that contrasts well with the touch of black. The strapless look of the top is better for tan lines (yay!) yet the bottom provides full coverage. If you are looking for an adorable neon swimsuit to wear this summer, look no further than this lovely swimsuit! To buy, go to

4 Lace-up One-Piece Swimsuit

Lace-up One-Piece Swimsuit I’ve already established that a neon swimsuit is a must-have for the beach this summer. However, not all of us want a two-piece swimsuit. That’s where this gorgeous cross-backed, one-piece swimsuit comes in! The neon pink back of this swimsuit is beautiful, and stands out nicely against the black torso of the suit. You get all the benefits of a one-piece swimsuit, and you get a gorgeous neon style as well. If you want to buy this swimsuit, you can find it on for less than 50 dollars!

5 Glows to Show Neon Pink Skirt

Glows to Show Neon Pink Skirt This skirt is absolutely stunning. It would be great paired with a solid black shirt and black heels for a night out, or some sandals and a tank top for a beach date. Skirts are perfect for summer, and having a neon one will be a fun addition to your wardrobe. The neon pink color is so vibrant that I love the idea of contrasting it with more neutral, solid colors. You can buy it at

6 VS Collection Flexi Flip Flop

VS Collection Flexi Flip Flop Flip flops are a summer staple, and these neon ones are so gorgeous. The neon yellow-green is the most vibrant, and the other colors of mint, light, and dark pink are bright as well. These are not your typical flip flops because they look much more sophisticated with their metallic band. They can be paired with a beach dress, shorts, or pretty much any beach look you’re going for. If you want to buy them, you can find them at

7 PJK Patterson J. Kincaid Johanna Colorblock Tank in Neon Yellow

PJK Patterson J. Kincaid Johanna Colorblock Tank in Neon Yellow I am in love with this tank top. It is so adorable, and it is classy yet casual at the same time. What I mean by that is that it would pair nicely with shorts and sandals for a casual day, but at the same time it is formal enough to be worn with heels and a skirt for a night out. The neon yellow is so vibrant, and it makes a great contrast to the black strip down the middle of the shirt. To buy, go to

Wearing neon clothing during the summer looks great, and these items of clothing are designed just for that. Whether you are lounging by the pool, going on a date, or just hanging out at home, you can still pull off the neon summer look. Do you like wearing neon clothes during the summer?

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