7 Places Where You Can Rock Hats This Summer ...


7 Places Where You Can Rock Hats This Summer ...
7 Places Where You Can Rock Hats This Summer ...

My friends keep asking me, "What are some places where you can wear hats?" It surprises me every time as a hat is my staple in a lot of outfits. How many times have you heard someone say "Noo! I can’t pull off a hat!" Yeah right! Think again ladies! There is no reason why you can’t sport a hat this summer with all the events you have going on. With all these adorable wide brimmed hats and fedoras, there is also NO excuse as to why you can’t find the perfect one. So to make it easier on all of you, I rounded up the places where you can wear hats this summer!

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Backyard Party

This is one of the perfect places where you can wear hats. What's better than at a backyard party? You can pair a hat with your cutest summer dress, or shorts and your lover's sweater. You will look super chic while drinking and dancing along to your fav tunes.



I am sure you have all done this before. Not only is it practical to bring a hat to the beach, but it can also be super trendy. A ball cap or fedora works best for the beach as it shows a chill attitude while keeping the sun away from your scalp. Make sure to bring a hat that is durable and that you are not afraid to get wet and of course full of sand.


Sports Game

I personally think a ball cap is one of the cutest looks right now. Maybe you aren’t that interested in the game and only in your date, but you will look like you know what is going on by rocking the team’s hat. This will impress your guy while making you look adorable AND of course, keeping the sun out of your eyes!


Shopping Trip

If it is one of those lazy Sundays and you just can’t seem to bother with your hair, throw on a hat. This can be such a great look while shopping with your girlfriends. If you are doing some window shopping outside, a hat will help with the sun and add immediate spice to your leggings and sweater!



Hats are a go-to accessory for mostly everyone at Coachella and any other festival. Wearing a black wide brimmed hat, like Vanessa Hudgens is often seen wearing at festivals, makes your look super bohemian. It is key to pick the right hat for certain outfits, as you don’t want everyone’s eye to immediately look to your head and not to your new dress you bought just for this occasion. Try buying neutral tones for such case as a festival, as you can wear the hat every day with different outfits.



Why let the Royals have all the fun? There is no one to say that you can’t wear a funky hat to the list of weddings you have this summer. Like Kate Middleton, try wearing a hat that is the same color of your dress, and go for as high to the sky as you can! If you feel like you shouldn’t wear a hat in church, just simply slide it off once the ceremony starts but pop it right back on for all the pictures.


Baby Shower

For your summer tea parties and outdoor baby showers, a hat is the perfect finishing touch. Like the olden days, ladies would dress in their best attire and add a little spice on top with the cutest hat. Make no exception for us ladies! Go for light pinks and whites to keep it soft and feminine and this will look will scream, "Yeah, I just threw this on..."

I suppose the real question is, where can you NOT wear a hat this summer? There really isn't a place or summer occasion that's not ideal for hat-wearing, but these are my favs. Where do you like to wear hats, and how do you wear them?

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Always thought it was wrong to wear hats to baby showers....thanks

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