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7 Styles That Are in This Summer but Are They Hot or Not? ...

By Gillian

There are many styles that are in this summer and it is always changing. Trends come and go, but some seem to stick around for a couple seasons. The below are some trends that I just cant make my mind up on and I need your help. Now these are only some styles that are in this summer, but are they hot or not?

1 Crop Tops

I think this is the biggest of the styles that are in this summer. This is a great summer trend on those hot days with a pair of shorts, but some still refuse to embrace this. Why? I’m not really sure. I’ve heard many reasons. One is that the girl doesn’t love their stomach enough to wear it, and others just simply think it looks weird. Both are valid reasons! What do you ladies think… hot or not?

2 Maxi Skirts

Although this is a trend that keeps coming back, it still isn’t loved by all. Some feel it makes them look shorter and cuts their body in half. If worn right, this look can be adorable. I think it has a time and a place but to the beach or out on a shopping trip would be perfect. Men hate it but ladies, what do you think… hot or not?

3 Mesh Cut Outs

Celebrities are taking to the red carpet with cutouts filled in with mesh. Not only is this look sexy and understated, but it is also very unexpected. This adds a lot of wonder to a plain black dress, and adds some ‘look at me’ to a great simple top. Some people love this look, while others think it is just weird and should be left alone. What do you ladies think… hot or not?

4 Leather Dresses

This is a very weird thought to some, wearing leather in the summer. You would think it would be more uncomfortable then sand in your bikini bottom. I have worn a leather skirt in the summer, and although it is hot, its really not that bad. But I think this is more about looking weird or out of place on a hot summer day. It’s almost like wearing uggs in the summer. What do you ladies think… hot or not?

5 Flower Headbands

This is like channeling your inner hippie, or free child. Every girl at every festival has rocked this and I say go for it. It looks adorable with a girly dress or high wasted shorts, but I also feel like it can definitely be done wrong. What do you ladies think…hot or not?

6 Ombre

Yes it is still in fashion, but is it still cute? I personally love it. Jessica Alba has been a big supporter of this trend as well as all of the Victoria’s Secret models. This is said to perfectly frame your face and add some light around your face as well. I have seen this done so beautifully, then seen it done horribly! It is a very fine line. What do you ladies think…hot or not?

7 Matching Short Suit

This is a fantastic way to be stylish yet still look business ready. Linen short suits are all the rage with a matching blazer. Beyonce is a fan of this trend as she is seen wearing this with bold patterns. Some think this looks old school and just not lady like enough. I’m still torn on how I feel. What do you ladies think… hot or not?

Style is very selective to each their own. Everybody is different and everything looks different on each body. Just because I wear this, doesn’t mean that the next person can and vice versa. If you are wanting to rock one of these trends (you go girl!) then make sure you have tried it on and feel comfortable. Don’t regret it once you have got home! What is the trend that you just aren’t sure about?

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