Five Style Rules You Need to Break to Look Your Best ...

By Reese

Five Style Rules You Need to Break to Look Your Best ...

As a fashion enthusiast and a style connoisseur, there are some style rules you should break, but others that you definitely shouldn't. Although you can be held utterly blameless seeing as style is something so personal to us, this does not immediately mean that you should try not to break style rules. Indeed, choosing what to wear every day can be a little challenging—especially if we do not have a particular eye for style or a penchant for fashion, but we must always endeavor to refine our fashion habits—so much so if we want to be our best-dressed selves. Regardless of whether your definitive style is selecting luxe items such as wholesale Steve Madden or something a bit more affordable, your style habits must be centered in making you look your best. Here are some of the bad fashion habits you need to break.

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More often than not, malls and retail shops lure us into their thresholds by proclaiming a percentage off their merchandise. In an effort to get us to buy their stuff, they promise us saving more than what we would have had the particular item not been on sale. But the reality is, even if the tag proclaims you have just saved fifty percent, you just really spent money—you have not saved at all. While this is all well and good if you actually do love the item, it is another thing entirely if you just bought it on account that it is on sale. What happens to that slinky dress that you do not really want but was on sale then? Chances are, you just wasted your money on a fashion piece you do not really see yourself wearing.


While oversized sartorial items are great and are trendy nowadays, this does not mean you have to entirely engulf yourself in these items. At least create a balance between well-fitting clothes and blousy and loose ones. Additionally, you need to be a little discriminating as well. Remember, there is a significant difference between wearing something oversized and trying to fit into clothes four times bigger than your regular size.

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Accessories are great, and they work to your advantage by creating interest in your ensemble—particularly if you are donning rather plain clothes. But be careful not to overdo it and pile too many of them on. While bling is great and makes your outfit look unique, there is no need to overwhelm yourself with it. You want your outfit to look tasteful, not trashy. Furthermore, burying yourself in too many accessories would make you seem like an over adorned Christmas tree and no one looks good like that.


Today, coordinates are all the rage, and they look nothing short of fabulous. However, this does not mean that you have to wear it from head-to-toe—even extending to your shoes, your accessories and your bag. You want to look fashionable and stylish, not like you are a walking ad for a certain product.

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There is absolutely no point in looking stylish if you are simply doing it just for the sake of being called such. If anything, it makes you seem like you are trying too hard. Do not force an ensemble just because you think you will look stylish. No matter how fashion experts may exalt a particular outfit in a magazine, if it does not work on the streets, chances are it is not going to work for you. Remember, take what you read in fashion magazines with a grain of salt—you live in reality after all, and not on the fashion runway.

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