8 Stylish Equestrian Duds for Fall ...


8 Stylish Equestrian Duds for Fall ...
8 Stylish Equestrian Duds for Fall ...

Get ready for some horseplay with classic equestrian duds for fall. In true thoroughbred style, the polo set cropped up everywhere this season in the shape of traditional and timeless equestrian pieces from boots to britches. These 8 stylish equestrian duds for fall are blue winning picks that will have your style riding high all season long.

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Equestrian Blazer

Equestrian Blazer Channel your inner champion with an equestrian riding blazer that’s impeccably tailored and sleekly structured. Thick textiles like tweed are ideal for bundling up during cool temperatures and are versatile pieces to mix and match throughout your wardrobe. Look for a blazer with elbow patches and cool leather details for chic country charm.


Equestrian Riding Boots

Equestrian Riding Boots Riding boots are essential to equestrian fashion and style. Their sleek silhouette and minimalist shape offer a classic and timeless footwear option for fall. A little heel creates added height and refined sophistication when paired with slim jodhpurs and a chic coat for elegant, high-class style.


Equestrian Riding Pants

Equestrian Riding Pants Tweed materials are given a fresh update this season with horse jockey inspired pants. Opt for equestrian riding pants with leather patches or accented trimming for a true stable-ready look for fall. Pair riding pants with a cozy cable knit sweater and slip on loafers for a stylish way to wear equestrian duds and to avoid looking costume-y with matching riding gear.


Equestrian Horse Sweater

Equestrian Horse Sweater Animal motifs have been a prominent trend this year and this season the horse is to fall as the cat was to the summer season. Show your appreciation for the equine by donning a cozy horse motif sweater. You can go the route of a graphic horse print or a more traditional polo-inspired silhouette for horse motifs this season.


Equestrian Skirt

Equestrian Skirt For true preppy polish, a fit and flare skirt adds refined feminine sophistication. Pair with knee high riding boots and a smart jacket to complete your fall riding look. Alternatively, for the chillier days of fall, layer an equestrian style skirt with colored or patterned tights for warmth and added elegance . When selecting an equestrian skirt, stick to prints like houndstooth or small plaid to remain true to the classic equestrian style.


Equestrian Cape

Equestrian Cape A chic cape is the perfect layering piece and cool cover up for fall. It suits the English countryside vibe that equestrian style is all about. Prepare to throw on a chic cape over your shoulders for a stylish and trendy outerwear piece, serving style and function with equestrian flair in the shape of horse-bit buckles and leather trimmings.


Capacious and utterly refined, the equestrian cape effortlessly makes its mark as a fall wardrobe staple. Envision pairing it with sleek riding boots and tailored trousers for an ensemble that exudes aristocratic charm. This is more than a simple tribute to equestrian fashion – it's a timeless piece that marries classic tailoring with contemporary design elements. Layer it over a cozy turtle neck sweater, and you've got an outfit that's both practical for the changing seasons and elegantly spirited in its sartorial roots.


Equestrian Tartan Trousers

Equestrian Tartan Trousers Tartan trousers have a preppy air to them that reinforces the polo set and country-chic of equestrian style. For a classic take on suiting this season, pair tartan print trousers with a coordinating blazer and riding boots for truly refined English polish.


Equestrian Quilted Vest

Equestrian Quilted Vest A quilted vest is a traditional piece in a timeless equestrian wardrobe. For a contemporary update on classic quilted vests, a trendy metallic piece is the modern way to wear a quilted vest this fall season. The layering quality of a vest makes it the ideal outerwear staple that allows you to add and remove layers with ease. The style also suits the rugged, outdoors-y equestrian feel and changing fall temperatures.

Reign in stylish equestrian duds for fall to achieve an award-winning look this season. Equestrian pieces are timeless classics and add a touch of sophisticated elegance that’s worthy of an English manor and country-chic style. So saddle up and harness your inner equestrian. Will you be horsing around this season with equestrian duds? What are your essential equestrian duds for fall?

Top Image Source: swooningforstyle.blogspot.in

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quit hating no one's trying to ride a horse in their cute new boots. They are in style get over it.

Oh good lord why is this even a fashion? It's taken the complete novelty out of saving up for a pair of boots or a nice show jacket. I used to save up a good £200 for boots and jackets and jodhpurs, now I can pick some up from Primark for a rennet 😭

Oh come on...

Why. Just why. Being an actual horseback rider, I have suffered for years from the awkward glances and stares I receive while wearing my riding apparel in public. And now fashion decided it's "in"? I'll bet those who wear this ridiculous clothing turn up their noses in disgust anytime they step foot on a farm.

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